Abstract Orange – Washington DC
(Lauren Emeritz)
Hand Carved Numbers Miniature
Hand Carved Alpha Bet Miniature
Shapes Miniature

Sara Garden Armstrong – Alabama
Fragile Connections 1993
Fragile Connections 2011
Messages from Home

Nava Atlas – New York
(Amberwood Press)
My Mother’s Stories

Mare Blocker – Washington
(M Kimberley Press)
Dance of Death
Almanac & Type Specimen

Sarah Bryant – Alabama
(Big Jump Press)
The Address

Savannah Bustillo – Minnesota
Hoops and SPF 50

Marcia Ciro – Massachusetts
This Way, That Way

Coracle Press – Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn)

Percy Grainger’s Dash
Seasonal words
Table in Ballybeg
Unique Forms

Gina Fowler – New York
Ways to Save the Day

Matt Runkle – Oregon
Casino Bay

Lyall F. Harris – Virginia
Interpreted Object

Hot Tomato Press – Minnesota
(Erica Spitzer Rasmussen)
Hot Tomato
Tomato Poems

Jenny-press – Connecticut
(Jae Rossman)

Ellen Knudson – Florida
(Crooked Letter Press)
Illustrated Bookmaking
Talisman, standard

Cheryl Marks – Florida
Floral and Break (Last Copy)

Clifton Meador – North Carolina
Control Mechanism
Funeral Jar (SOLD/OP)

Steve Miller – Alabama
(Red Hydra Press)

All Praise the Golden Dog
A Glimpse

Erin Moore – New York
Lesbian Letter Posters (SOLD/OP)
Lesbian Letter Posters ((SOLD/OP)

Peter Newland – Washington
(Pied Typer Press)

Philatelic Riddles

Bonnie Thompson Norman – Washington

Marnie Powers-Torrey – Utah
Everything Has a Language

Maryann Riker – New Jersey

Happy Little Clouds (Last Copy)
Saint of Future Dreams
Silken Tales
Tiny Terrors (Last Copy)

Carol Schwartzott – New York
Brief History of the Quilt
The Garden, miniature
India’s Love Lyrics
World is on a Fish’s Back

Tate Shaw – New York
(Preacher’s Biscuits Books)
Placeholders 1
Placeholders 2
Placeholders 3

Beth Sheehan – Alabama
Between Tenses

Jillian Sico – Alabama
(Frogsong Press)

Serena Smith – UK

Sandra Trujillo – Georgia
Funeral Food

Visual Studies Workshop – New York
(Tate Shaw, Director)
Dark Matter (Last Copy)
Measuring Time
There May Still Be Time Left

Janet Zweig – New York
This Book is Extremely Receptive