Illustrated Bookmaking
Illustrated Bookmaking

By Ellen Knudson
Gainesville, Florida: Crooked Letter Press, 2021. Edition of 200.

5”W x 15”H; 32 pages. Printed by Newspaper Club in color.

Ellen Knudson: "I developed these drawings for my own educational and instructional purposes over years of teaching my Book Arts class. Creating diagrams helps me understand the structures better, and I can teach them in a more complete way as a result. Although somewhat directional, the diagrams included in this publication are intended to supplement in-person (or online) bookmaking instruction and practice.

"I’m indebted to others that have provided instructions in book binding and inspirational note-taking; many of these diagrams stem from their teachings: Anna Embree, Sarah Bryant, Heather Weston, Alisa Golden, and Frank Zeier in particular. "I hope people find these drawings beautiful, educational, and useful!"