Stonecipher: A Book of Seasons [paperback]

By Bea Nettles
Urbana, Illinois: Bea Nettles, 2011. Open Edition.

4.5 x 11" opens to 4.5 x 17". Double-sided accordion. Color Xerox on 90lb coated stock. Printed paper bandoleer slipcase.

Bea Nettles: "A four section double-sided accordion fold that alludes to the seasons in poetry created from headstones that are nouns, verbs, and adjectives."

Falls Nicewander
Summers vineyard withers
Hedges curl
Green trees redden
Hill burns sharp golden sparks
Harsh nettles madden pepper black bull ...

Bea Nettles: "This summer I began to photograph the last names on headstones that could be used as parts of speech. I went out early in the mornings and spent peaceful hours walking the rows of stones with only the birds for companions. I found this quest fascinating and wondered how these family names came about. Often people were named after places, occupations, plants, animals, colors, and personalities. Many names became familiar, but some were absolutely unique. All were found within thirty minutes of my home in Urbana, Illinois, primarily in Champaign County. It seemed appropriate to arrange these words poetically by the seasons to emphasize the passage of time."