funeral Jar
Funeral Jar

By Clifton Meador
Studio of Exhaustion [North Carolina]: Clifton Meador, 2021. Edition of 25.

6 x 13.5"; 32 unnumbered pages. Digitally printed in four colors. Sewn with red paper cover. Title wrapper band in gray which folds as a dust wrapper across the middle of the cover.

"Funeral Jar" is a typographic excavation of Thomas Browne's 1858 "Hydrotaphia". Quotations in the original typography are printed in color and interleaved with smaller pages containing the same quotes in modern typography.

Wikipedia, 3/24/2023: “Hydriotaphia, Urn Burial, or, a Discourse of the Sepulchral Urns lately found in Norfolk is a work by Sir Thomas Browne, published in 1658 … The title is Greek for "urn burial": A hydria (?δρ?α) is a large Greek pot, and taphos (τ?φος) means "tomb".

“Its nominal subject was the discovery of some 40 to 50 Anglo-Saxon pots in Norfolk. The discovery of these remains prompts Browne to deliver, first, a description of the antiquities found, and then a survey of most of the burial and funerary customs, ancient and current, of which his era was aware. “
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