The World is on a Fish's Back
The World is on a Fish's Back

Poem by Natalie Belting
Book design by Carol Schwartzott
Freeville, New York: Carol Schwartzott, 2022. Edition of 6.

4.25 x 4.25"; 14 pages + 4 accordion flag folds. Materials: original broadside LP printed with linocuts; monoprint digitally printed images; Rives BFK, Japanese and decorative papers. Hedi Kyle binding. Signed and numbered by Schwartzott on the colophon. Laid in clamshell paper covered clamshell box with tipped on decorative elements and paper title on spine.

Carol Schwartzott: "’The World Is On A Fish’s Back, Tales of Beginnings’, by Natalie Belding, was published in 1965. My original small edition was produced in 1994, size approximately 8 x 10 with linocuts, and Gocco printed text . I found this book while investigating creation tales, and actually retold her version of Coyote and the Shooting Star for another one-off artists book. “Years later, 2005, along with Blacks Corner Press, I produced ‘Beyond Ichthyology’, an edition of 15, with 5 cabinet encased books. I used many scans of old fish illustrations in the collages that made up the basis for its art.

“It seems this has been the year for my re-visiting my many dead files of informative notes, and endless art, many used in books that were editions, and some set aside as ideas for prospective pieces. I have always taken the approach, via Joseph Cornell, of discovering / and rediscovering this endless plethora. The joy of finding new meaning within the old….so…with that in mind, and rather limited in my ‘new’ studio space, I decided to enjoy the process of re-inventing the original ‘Fish’s Back’ tale, this time using the overflow of fish illustration from the 2005 book. I had several broadsides left from the ‘Life Is But A Stream’ letterpress issue…The book is a combination of both.

“One of my favorite structures, Hedi Kyle’s accordion fold, simple and fun….with an addition of the little poem by Belting makes up this tiny 4x4”(6) edition. Hands on art, small stitched portfolio of the poem, and fun box complete this edition.”