Complexities book

By Bea Nettles
1992. Edition of 2000, unnumbered.

10 x 10" square; 48 pages. Softbound. Duotones.

To untangle and examine the complex ties that bind many mothers, Nettles blends her experiences of childhood, education, pregnancy, childbirth, housework, and professional life. In this book's layered images and text she demonstrated how she uses intrusions, improvisation, and balancing as the basis for her art, and art that is tightly woven with her life.

From the Introduction: “All mothers are ‘working mothers.’ I belong to the majority of American women who also happen to work outside of their homes. For twenty-two years I have been an artist and college professor. What I do involves balancing priorities and making compromises. I function despite frequent interruptions, piecing things together in patches of time. My roles as artist, teacher, and mother can at times enhance each other, at times compete.”