By Bonnie Thompson Norman
Seattle, Washington: Windowpane Press, 1999. Edition Unstated.

16 x 9 x 9 cm, in box (10 x 10 x 3 cm); 1 collapsible paper house structure. Cardboard. Text collage. Letterpress printed. Written, printed and bound by Lisa Lessley Brisco, Diane Dambacher, Rachel Harris and Bonnie Thompson Norman at the Windowpane Press. Housed in lidded cardboard box with paper title tipped on lid.

"WordHouse" is a collage of words about what home means. Ultimately the book becomes a house structure with the word covered walls; ie "Houses are like books, both have stories to tell".

"WordHouse" consists of six two-sided panels tied together by linen thread that can be unfolded to create a house using either side of the panels. Text on panels can be read as an accordion book.

To construct a WordHouse, fold the two center panels to form a pitched roof, then fold the outside four panels to create the walls of the house. Place the house you have built inside this lid, using it as a foundation.
$125 (Last 4 copies)