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In observance of Gay Pride month we are spotlighting a few artists' books celebrating and telling LGBTQ stories.

At Home Meet Chinchilla by Benjamin Rinehart
Beyond the Great Stone by Brian Borchardt
Boys & Bubs by Benjamin Rinehart
Coming to Terms by Scott McCarney
In Your Hands by Jaime Shafer
The Intrepid Ones by Brian Borchardt
Marriage Matters by Cheri Gaulke
A Murder of Crows by Jeffrey Morin
nails and bullets by Steve Miller
Revolving Gender by Benjamin Rinehart
Saints & Sinners by Scott McCarney
Two Saints by Brian Borchardt
White Maiden Male by Jeffrey Morin
Why you can’t get married by Nava Atlas
Wrongly Bodied by Clarissa Sligh

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Team Ramey
by Benjamin Rinehart


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