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The Romans associated September with fires, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Thus, our list this month deals with artists looking at disasters – both natural and manmade.

17927 by Jaime Lynn Shafer
After the Flood by Stephanie Copoulos-Selle
The Cave Protection Act by Michelle Ray
Devil Wind by Barbara Milman
Fragment by Fragment by Lin Charlston
Great Floods by Barbara Milman
It is Bitter to leave your home by Romano Hänni
Natural / Un-Natural by Thomas Parker Williams
Not Quite Drowning by Barbara Milman
One Second of Time by Ginger Burrell
She'd Had No Premonitions by Teresa Pankratz
Notions by Virginia Arts
Tsunami by Howard Munson
Turning Tides by Elizabeth Castaldo

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Kingdom of Earth
by Amy Borezo


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