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VCUarts Bowe House Press ~ Virginia
(Jamie Mahoney, Director)

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Mission Statement: "Our goals are modest — to re-establish a physical connection between the designer's hand and the design object; to add another tool, another choice for designers to communicate with. We do not strive to be, nor are interested in being, precious, nostalgic, or anti-digital. We have no desire to replace contemporary design processes, but to work with and complement them. Finally, we are a laboratory whose ends are what our students will determine."

Hello, Revolution
By students of VCUArts under the direction of Jamie Mahoney and Heidi Heszies
Richmond, Virginia: VCUarts Bowe House Press, 2017. Edition of 50.

10 x 6.25"; 24 pages. Ten tear away post cards. Papers: French Paper Co. Muscletone / Specklestone Starch White & Construction Grout Gray, Lettra Pearl & Florescent White, chipboard, and handmade. Post bound. Numbered.

Introduction: "This is a collaboration between designers/printers and Richmond-based poets. These poems walk the line between art and activism, between theory and practice, and it is with this collective authorship that their words come to being in completely new ways, 'Hello, Revolution' is not meant to soften revolutionary ideas, but to welcome them, to embrace them, to put them in our daily practice. Mere resistance is not enough."

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ByVCUArts students
Richmond, Virginia: VCUArts Bowe House Press, [2015]. Edition of 50.

11.25 x 11"; 56 pages. Double-sided accordion. Designed and letterpress printed by students of the VCUArts Bowe House Press under the creative direction of Professor Jamie Mahoney — Adele Ball, Collin Brideau, Claire Corneal, Ben Evjen, Ashley Gladner, Mary Selph, Kyle Tellier, and Weijian Zhou. Digitally printed by Christian Gregory, VCUArts Painting + Printmaking. Numbered.

VCUArts Bowe House Press: "Sanctuary, a limited edition of 50 books, is the result of over two years of work by more than 50 writers, artists, and activists. The idea for making a codex was born in a writing class in the Richmond City Jail. Our codex is a blend of politics, pop culture, and art. It navigates the border between inside and outside, as prisoners, some still incarcerated, some now free, created the writing and the drawings. We believe that art has the potential to transform culture. This is our attempt. It certainly has transformed us. "

Colophon: "The idea for making a codex was born in a writing class in the Richmond City Jail after discussing Mayan and Incan codices and the contemporary political art book, Codex Expangliensis (by Gomez-Pena, Chagoy, and Rice). We were so impressed with the Codex Espangliensis that we decided to make a codex of our own."

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poetry by Nathan Altice
Richmond, Virginia: VCUArts Bowe House Press, 2013. Edition of 30.

Fifteen 6 x 6 x 6" triangular panels with printing on both sides. Hinged triangular structure printed letterpress. Laid in letterpress printed 7 x 7 x 7 x 1.75" covered triangular box. Numbered on colophon on bottom exterior of box.

Designed and printed by students of the VCUArts Bowe House Press under the creative direction of Jamie Mahoney.

Colophon: "This chapbook of poems is derived from two corrupted PDF download files for two related Dungeons & Dragons products: the first, the DM's Guide to Immortals, was a rules compendium; the second, The Immortal Storm, was an adventure module used in conjunction with those rules. The corrupted files were useless for practical play, but the dissociated text created fascinating juxtapositions of words and ideas – a sort of found poetry. The result is a collection of bizarre, abstract, profound, and even humorous poems that lay somewhere between glitch, collage, and game."

Nathan Altice is in the Media Art and Text PhD program at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia.

Nathan Altice: "My studies tend to focus on video games as both textual and material objects. That is a fancy way of saying that video games are viable objects of critical study, they have cultural and technological histories that a) depend on their hardware/software configurations, and b) extend beyond those configurations to affect other textual objects (including film, the visual arts, and even individual selves).

"Across all media forms, I am generally interested in constrained hardware/software platforms, 'lo-fidelity' means of production, software glitches, and obsolete technologies. As a result, my work is continually occupied with vintage video game systems, 'misused' consumer-grade technology, and the aesthetics of error and play."


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Think Hatch
By VCUarts
Richmond, Virginia: VCUarts Bowe House Press, 2009. Edition of 150.

6.5 x 9"; 11 pages and nine gatefolds. Paper: French Dur-O-Tone Orange Butcher 80 lb. cover; Lynx Soft White 80 lb. cover. The cover and title page are created using various wood fonts. The introduction and credits are set in Bembo 14 pt. English Monotype. Numbered.

Jamie Mahoney: "This is an unconventional exercise in artistic collaboration: nine of my graphic design students were teamed with nine published poets. Together, the teams picked for a selection of Hatch woodblocks dating back, to the 1930s. The poets then created original material in response to their chosen woodblock. The designers, in turn, created impressions based on the poems. Design inspiring poetry inspiring art. Each team has their own center spread in this unusual binding.

"Designers and writers make a great team. It took a while for my students to understand that this relationship is much different than a client relationship. In the beginning they didn’t see themselves as having an equal say in the process but as soon as they understood the writer was their partner, the work got so much better."



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The Return by Liz Canfield. Designed by Karla Mickens
Folding Your Hands and Count Without Them by Danielle Shutt. Designed by Kelly Gasque
Princess Theatre by Angela Lenhman-Rios. Designed by Rachel Gropper
Oh, Why Not! by Tim Lane. Designed by Jordan Weaver
Illustrating the Theory of Ebb and Flow by Joshua Poteat. Designed by Jennifer Valenzuela
Celebrate by Richard Murphy. Designed by Eric Wolinksky
Part Ebb, Part a Forging by Allison Titus. Designed by Sean O'Neill
Craig by Patty Paine. Designed by Jordan Tropp
Retrograde by Cynthia Lotze. Designed by Caitlin Martin



Multiple Voices Multiple Histories:
Reimagining the Civil War
Richmond, Virginia: VCUarts Bowe House Press, 2009. Edition of 30.

12.75 x 19"; 9 broadsides. Letterpress printed. Housed in cloth-covered
boards with pocket on back pastedown for sheets.

You are Loosed from your Mooring by Catherine MacDonald and Ellen Carlson
Visiting Civil War Battlefields by Melissa Johnson and James Gillette
Waiting Room by Rich Murphey and Emily Smith
Colonial Enterprises by Liz Canfield and Brian Gartside
Tradition of Silence by Anonymous and Celia Fetler
Illustrating the 13 transits of Mercury in the 19th Century by Joshua Poteat and Matt Boteilho
Drummer Boy: One Night Only by Nick Reading and Rachel Maves
Composition by Cynthia Grier and Joanna Landrum
Monument Avenue by Susan Settlemyre Williams and Cody Whitby

Multiple Voices, Multiple Histories is a collaborative project between Richmond poets and graphic designers at VCU's Bowe House Press. Book cover and Introduction Page designed by Jamie Mahoney.

Jami Mahoney: "Because 2011 marks the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, our collaboration between poets and designers is focused on the complicated web of history and looking at the voices, stories, and experiences that have, perhaps, not always been addressed in traditional conversations about our shared past. These poems and designs challenge the notion that there is one monolithic history, and instead, celebrate the diverse ways we understand the Civil War and the contemporary legacies of the Civil War."

Introduction: "It has been 150 years since the American Civil War began. The purpose of this collaboration of poets and designers is certainly not to fight the battles again. It is not the past we're interested in. It is the present. We are here to listen to the voices, stories, and experiences that have not always been addressed in traditional conversations about our shared tragedy. These poems challenge the notion that the meaning of the Civil War is settled, or its legacy fully understood."
$250 (Last 3 copies)

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VCU Arts SOLD / Out of print titles:  

The Box Book
ByVCUarts program
Richmond, Virginia: VCUarts Bowe House Press, 2012 . Edition of 40.

12.75 x 18"; 3 pages. Letterpress printed. Paper: French Paper/Construction Pure White 140lb. cover. Cover: Single ply chipboard. Laser cut, scored and perforated.

Three boxes produced as a collaboration between design students and poets bound in a book.

VCUarts Bowe House Press: "In this, our 4th book, six poets collaborated with three designers each to create this unconventional structure. The book itself is made up of three 'pages.' Each 'page' is bound into a matchbook cover binding and is perforated trimmed and scored so each page can fold into a cube. There are three cubes total, with a poem on each 'side' of the cube. The cubes are various sizes. One is 4 x 4". Another is 3.5 x 3.5". And the third is 3 x 3" The cubes can 'nest' into one another or stack on top of one another, or remain as three 'pages' within the book, whatever the reader wants. Therefore, each poet contributed three poems, three fragments/versions of the same poem, three whatever-their-mind-conceived."

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"Jail Box" by Liza Canfield and Alex Fulton
"A Nerve" by Danielle Shutt and Lynn Nguyen
"Puss in Box" by Melissa Johnson and Tim West
"Confident A.M." by Danielle Shutt and Kathryn Stern
"The Diner Shrieking Evil" by Nicholas Reading and Mara Hyman

"Do Not" by Melissa Johnson and Jane Cornell
"Light Years in the Observatory" by Celina Williams and Eliza VanZoeren
"A Terrible Terrible Villanelle" by Celina Williams and Michael Hoang
"Jail Box" by Liz Canfield and Liz Belte
"Reintegration" by Nicholas Reading and Ying Jun Cheng
"Tintype" by Joshua Poteat and Marshal Roach

"Jail Box" by Liz Canfield and Tobias Wilbur
"Over Easy" by Nicholas Reading and Garron Martin
"Tintype" by Joshua Poteat and Laurett Hayes
"Cubism" by Melissa Johnson and Matt Pirro
"Burial Plots" by Celina Williams and Sarah Klamans
Deviating by Danielle Shutt and Sara Wickersham

(SOLD/Out of Print)


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