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Rhiannon Alpers ~ California
(Gazelle and Goat Press)
A Thousand Starlings 2016
Finding Her Place 2018

Bay Park Presss ~ California
(Sibyl Rubottom and Jim Machacek)
The ABC of Yiddish, digital edition (2007)

Blue Heron Press
~ Nebraska
(Karen Kunc)
Vastness 2014 (Last Copy)

Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press ~ North Carolina
(Terry Schupbach-Gordon)
Blue Horse 2019

Marcia Ciro ~ Massachusetts
Getting There / Being There 2000 (Last 4 copies)
Personal Refuge 2000 (Last 2 copies)
Terminal Home 2005 (Last 2 copies)

Citron Press ~ Wisconsin
(Stephanie Copoulos-Selle)
Eight Questions 2018 (Last 4 copies)

Coracle Books ~ Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erika Van Horn)
Descriptions of Literature by Gertrude Stein 2019
Roger Ackling's Furniture 2019

Coxswain Press ~ Washington
(Taylor Cox)
Bound Tight 2019

Dirk Hagner ~ California
(Inkswine Press)
9 Fugues in RGB

Dobbin Books ~ New York
(Robbin Ami Silverberg)
Vorkuta Poems 1993 (Last copy)

Haybarn Press ~ New York
(Ed Coker)
An Ark of Stars 1989 (Last 3 copies)
Miriam 2001 (Last 2 copies)
Lilith 2005 (Last Copy)
The Cushite 2008 (Last Copy)
Desertstones 2009 (Last 3 copies)
Gathering 2010 (Last 4 copies)
Opposed to Indifference 2012 (Last 3 copies)

Kyle Holland ~ Alabama
Birds of Prey 2016 (Last Copy)

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
Outport Night 2018 (Last Copy)

Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)
26 Charging Stations, standard 2014 (Last copy)

Midnight Paper Sales ~ Minnesota
(Gaylord Schanilec)
Bokeh: A Little Book of Flowers 2020

Naughty Dog Press ~ Iowa
(Emily Martin)
Siftings, unboxed 2007 )
The Tragedy of King Lear 2019 (Last 4 copies)

Bea Nettles ~ Illinois
Springs Victory 2019
Worlds Motherway 2019

Old Fan Press ~ Louisiana
(Frank Hamrick)
My face tastes like salt 2017 (Last Copy)

Perishable Press ~ Wisconsin
(Walter Hamady)
Travelling Gabberjabb No 7 1996 (Last 3 copies)

Primrose Press ~ California
(Tia Blassingame)
Mourning / Warning 2 2018 (Last Copy)

Protean Press ~ California
(Terry Horrigan)
Entomologist’s Dreambook 1998 (Last copy)
Stonemasons’ Marks 2004 (Last 2 copies)
Something Sheepish 2003 (Last Copy)
This is Mine 2004 (last 2 copies)
Whispers 2009 (Last Copy)

Quite Contrary Press ~ California
(Mary Marsh & Tony Bellaver)
Extra Extra! Edition 2018
This river has no ego 2018
Anthropocene 2019
Nature Resource 2019

Jaime Lynn Shafer ~ Nevada
No Refills Left 2013

Rachel Simmons ~ Florida
Never Flinch, hardcover 2014
How to speak to birds 2018
Lovely Parasite 2020
We Do As We Please 2020

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
Memory Lame 2018 (Last 2 copies)

Theodora Press ~ Illinois
(Teresa Pankratz)
Sheltered in America 2014 (Last 2 copies)

Sandra Trujillo ~ Georgia

Virginia Center for the Book ~ Virginia
(Kevin McFadden)
Art of the Lie 2017 (Last 4 copies)
Bird Talk 2018

Worlds Motherway book
Worlds Motherway
by Bea Nettles

A Thousand Starlings book
A Thousand Starlings
by Rhiannon Alpers

The ABC of Yiddish, digital edition
The ABC of Yiddish
digital edition
by Bay Park Press

Bokeh: A Little Book of Flowers book
Bokeh: A Little Book of Flowers
by Midnight Paper Sales

9 Fugues in RGB book
9 Fugues in RGB
by Dirk Hagner

No Refills Left book
No Refills Left
by Jaime Lynn Shafer

Sheltered in America book
Sheltered in America 2014 (Last 2 copies)
by Theodora Press

Terminal Home book
Terminal Home 2005 (Last 2 copies)
by Marcia Ciro

My face tastes like salt  book
My face tastes like salt 2017 (Last Copy)
by Old Fan Press

Sandra Trujillo

Lovely Parasite book
Lovely Parasite
by Rachel Simmons


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