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Lynn Agnew ~ Washington
Tree Talk 2017

Islam Aly ~ Iowa
Fantastic Fauna 2017

Amberwood Press, Inc. ~ New York
(Nava Atlas)
Hand Jobs 2018

Hannah Batsel
~ Illinois
Ephemerus 2017

Birdwood Press ~ Colorado
(Gail Watson)
Under the Gun 2017

Blue Bluer Books ~ North Carolina
(Josh Hockensmith)
Sierra Suite 2017

Flying Fish Press ~ California
(Julie Chen)
Correspondence Course 1993
Family Tree 2013 (Last 5 copies)

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Symphytum officianle 2017

John R. Hastings ~ Washington
Type Bar II 2011 (Last Copy)
A Caregiver's Garden 2017

Heavenly Monkey ~ Canada
(Rollin Milroy)
The Tale of Three Black Boxes 2006 (Last Copy)
Memoirs of a Bibliomidget 2015 (Last copy)
Alphabetical Accumulation 2017

Janus Press ~ Vermont
(Claire Van Vliet)
Gameboard/Symmetries 2017

Pete Kennedy ~ England
The First Five Years 2017
The Shrewd Idiot 2017

Land Marks Press ~ Michigan
(Lynne Avadenka)
Al-Jabr 2011

Kerry McAleer-Keeler ~ Virginia
In a Perfect World 2017

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
Legal Cuban Cigar 2016

Toby Millman ~ Florida
Access & Closure 2008 (Last Copy)
Solos on the Oud 2008 (Last Copy)

Perishable Press ~ Wisconsin
(Walter Hamady)
Hwaet! 1987
The Pool 1991
Art in America 1998

Red Butte Press ~ Utah
(Marnie Powers-Torrey, Managing Director)
Invisible Shores 2017

Red Parrot ~ California
(Barbara Milman)
The Holocaust Series 1997 (Last 2 sets)

Scripps College Press ~ California
(Tia Blassingame, Director)
Ruminations 2011 (Last Copy)
Non Sense 2014 (Last 3 copies)
Divisive and Diverse 2016 (Last Copy)

Set in Motion Press ~ California
(Casey Gardner)
The gravity series 2017 (Last 3 copies)
Infinite Archives 2017

Shandy Press ~ Pennsylvania
(Susan Viguers)
Surviving Genocide 2017

Spaceheater Editions ~ Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)
Book of Doom 1984 (Last 2 copies)

Strong Silent Type Press ~ Pennsylvania
(Fred Hagstrom)
The Rose of No Man's Land 2018

Theodora Press ~ Illinois
(Teresa Pankratz)
Tulips 2004 (Last Copy)

Triangular Press ~ Oregon
(Barbara Tetenbaum)
Emptiness is not nothing 2009 (Last Copy)

Virginia Arts of the Book Center ~ Virginia
(Kevin McFadden, Virginia Foundation)
A Pack of Lies 2017

Beata Wehr ~ Arizona / Poland
On the Other Side of Wallpaper 2004
Horizontal Stories 2009
More 2009
Stories from Fremont Street 2015 9
Vertical Stories 2009

Whittington Press ~ England
(John and Rose Randle)
Portmeirion 2008 (Last 2 copies)

Don Widmer ~ Illinois
Flower Lore 2014 (Last 2 copies)
Fanny and the Doll Corpse 2016 (Last 3 copies)

Women's Studio Workshop ~ New York
What's Happening to Momma? 1988 (Last 2 copies)

Sierra Suite
by Blue Bluer Books

In a Perfect World
by Kerry McAleer-Keeler

Invisible Shores
by Red Butte Press

Under the Gun
Birdwood Press

by Perishable Press

Legal Cuban Cigar
by Clifton Meador

 Fantastic Fauna
by Islam Aly

Infinite Archives
by Set in Motion Press

Symphytum officianle
by Rebecca Goodale

The Tale of Three Black Boxes (Last Copy)
by Heavenly Monkey Press

Type Bar II (Last Copy)
by John Hastings


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