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Sam Garriott Antonacci ~ Washington
Domicilia II 2013 (Last Copy)
Coyote Moon Dance 2019
Vault of Heaven 2019

Black Rock Press ~ Nevada
(Inge Bruggeman, Head of Black Rock Press)
SHALL 2019

Coracle Books ~ Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erika Van Horn)
Descriptions of Literature by Gertrude Stein 2019

Curious Pursuits ~ North Carolina
(Sharon Sharp)
Interwoven 2019

Dobbin Books ~ New York
(Robbin Ami Silverberg)
Vorkuta Poems 1993 (Last 3 copies)

Cathy Durso ~ Minnesota
Bon Voyage 2014
The Natural History Museum #2 2019

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Dodo 2010 (Last Copy)

Romano Hänni ~ Switzerland
It is bitter to leave your home 2017 (Last 2 copies)

Janus Press ~ Vermont
(Claire Van Vliet)
Watermarks 2019

Ann P. Lewis ~ Massachusetts
Stroke of Luck 2020

Christopher Kit Maddox ~ Pennsylvania
Corruption 2019

May Day Press ~ California
(Catherine Michaelis)
Trial by Fire 2019

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
Book of Doom 1984 (Last 2 copies)

Howard Munson ~ California
Bauhaus Ball 2019
FUTURISTA 2019 (Last Copy)

Naughty Dog Press ~ Iowa
(Emily Martin)
Siftings, unboxed 2007
The Tragedy of King Lear 2019 (Last 4 copies)

Quite Contrary Press ~ California
(Mary Marsh)
Extra Extra! Edition 2018
This river has no ego 2018

Spaceheater Editions ~ Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)
Book of Doom 1984 (Last 2 copies)

Red Parrot Press ~ California
(Barbara Milman)
Devil Wind 2014 (Last Copy)

Beth Thielen ~ New York
Out of the Blue c1995 (Last Copy)

Triangular Press ~ Oregon
(Barbara Tetenbaum)
Gymnopaedia no. 5 2016
Portland/Living 2018
Old frieNds In nebrAska 2019

Virginia Center of the Book ~ Virginia
(Kevin McFadden)
Art of the Lie 2017
Bird Talk 2018

Thomas Parker Williams ~ Pennsylvania
City 2019



Stroe of Luck book
Stroke of Luck
by Ann P. Lewis

Vorkuta Poems book
Vorkuta Poems (Last 3 copies)
by Dobbin Books

Book of Doom book
Book of Doom (Last 2 copies)
by Clifton Meador /Spaceheater Editions

The river has no ego book
This river has no ego
by Quite Contrary Press

City book
by Thomas Parker Williams

Descriptions of Literature by Gertrude Stein book
Descriptions of Literature by Gertrude Stein
by Coracle Press

Art of the Lie book
Art of the Lie
by Virginia Center of the Book

by Quite Contrary Press

Shall book
by Black Rock Press


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