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Bionic Hearing Press ~ Ohio
(Aimee Lee)
Savor 2018 (Last Copy)
Covered 2019 (Last Copy)

Gabrielle Cooksey ~ Washington
Blight 2020 (Last 3 available copies)

Dobbin Books ~ New York
(Robbin Ami Silverberg)
Am I Here 2020

Evelyn Eller ~ New York
Transitions 2006
Don't Shut Up 2017
Feminism is not a Dirty Word 2018

Colette Fu ~ Pennsylvania
Axi Fire Festival 2014
Bamei 2015 AP copy
Ashima 2016
Wa Hair Swinging Dance 2016 (Last 4 copies)
Yi Tiger Festival 2016
Bökh 2019
Uyghur Food 2019

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Rope 2021

JUSTARIP ~ New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)
A Doll's House 2020

May Day Press ~ Washington
(Catherine Michaelis)
Aztec Marigold 2005 (Last Copy)

Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)
Biosphere 2019 (Last 3 copies)
King Donald 2020 (Last 2 copies)

Howard Munson ~ California
Kandinsky P O P 2021

Quite Contrary Press ~ California
(Tony Bellaver & Mary Marsh)
Nature Resource 2019 (Last Copy)

Rachel Simmons ~ Florida
Tracking B15 2019 (Last 3 copies)
Based on your Current Trajectory 2020

Ellen Sollod ~ Washington
(Grey Zone Press)
The Autocrat's Playbook 2018 (Last 3 copies)
Source Code 2019
State of the Nation 2019
Brush Creek Chronicles 2020

Strong Silent Type Press ~ Minnesota
(Fred Hagstrom)
Kill Box 2008 (Last Copy)
"1918" 2020 (Last 4 copies)

Transformer Press ~ Canada
(Lise Melhorn-Boe)
I Sit and Sew 2019 (Last Copy)

Windowpane Press ~ Washington
(Bonnie Thompson Norman)
WordHouse 1999 (five copies)
Better than Gold 2002
On War & Peace 2002
Primer for Democracy 2004
Hidden Agenda 2006
Homeland Security 2006
Activist’s Tablet 2010
BLOW 2012 (two copies)
Remember 2013
Ballot Box 2014

Aztec Marigold  book
Aztec Marigold (Last Copy)
by May Day Press

Based on your Current Trajectory book
Based on your Current Trajectory
by Rachel Simmons

Kandinsky book
Kandinsky P O P
by Howard Munson

Am I Here book
Am I Here
by Dobbin Books

I Sit and Sew book
I Sit and Sew (Last Copy)
by Transformer Press

Kill Box book
Kill Box (Last Copy)
by Strong Silent Type Press

Rope book
by Rebecca Goodale


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