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Amberwood Press ~ New York
(Nava Atlas)
Dear Literary Ladies 2010 (Last 3 copies)
Commemorative Stamps 2018

Arcadian Press ~Wisconsin
(Caren Heft)
Cataracts Wrecks 2016

Boston Book Arts Group ~ Massachusetts
Unfolding Poems 1996

Citron Press ~ Wisconsin
(Stephanie Copoulos-Selle)
Eight Questions 2018

Roberta Delaney ~ Massachusetts
Parallel Voices 2008
Celebrating Childhood 2011

Editions Koch ~ California
(Peter Koch)
A Descriptive Bibliography 2017
The Musæum Kochianum 2017

Flying Fish Press ~ California
(Julie Chen)
Ste. Ostrich Set 2017 (Last 3 sets)

John Hastings ~ Washington
Bite the bullet 2013 (Last Copy)

Heavenly Monkey ~ Canada
(Rollin Milroy)
Codex Miscellany 2013 (Last 3 copies)
Alphabetical Accumulation 2017 (Last Copy)

Helen Hiebert ~ Colorado
Tangential 2017

Janus Press ~ Vermont
(Claire van Vliet)
Bone Songs 1992 (Last Copy)

Justarip ~ New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)
Zines on Women's Fashion Issues 2017

Lilliput Press ~ New York
(Carol Schwartzott)
Blind Men and the Elephant 1994 (last 4 copies)
Shades of Autumn 1994 (Last 3 copies)

Su Lund ~ California
Notes on Pattern 1984

Elysia Mann ~ Florida
(All Along Press)
In Times of Considerable Wars 2012
Fort Gondo Poetry Series 2013 (Last Copy)

May Day Press ~ Washington
(Catherine Alice Michaelis)
Root, Leaf, & Flower 2018

Hanne Matthiesen ~ Denmark
X Minor Error [n.d.]

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
While Trodding 2016

Margaretta K. Mitchell ~ California
On the Avenue 2017

Howard Munson ~ California
Rod & Pop 2017 (Last Copy)
Ad-stract 2018
Form is Life/Life is Form 2018


Naughty Dog Press ~ Iowa
(Emily Martin)
King Leer 2018

Bea Nettles ~ Illinois
Eager 2017 (Last Copy)

Perishable Press ~ Wisconsin
(Walter Hamady)
Of Boulders and Bolides 1991 (Last 4 copies)

Primrose Press ~ California
(Tia Blassingame)
Mourning / Warning 2016 (Last 2 copies)

Scantron Press ~ Washington
(Diane Jacobs)
Amazons 2017 (Last Copy)

Scripps College Press ~ California
(Tia Blassingame, Director)
Fledged 2017 (Last Copy)

Set in Motion Press ~ California
(Casey Gardner)
The gravity series 2017 (Last 2 copies)

Melissa Wagner-Lawler ~ Wisconsin
The House of Death on the White Road 2018

Notes on Pattern
by Su Lund

Commemorative Stamps
by Amberwood Press

While Trodding
by Clifton Meador

Fort Gondo Poetry Series (Last Copy)
Elysia Mann

Alphabetical Accumulation (Last Copy)
by Heavenly Monkey

Bone Songs (Last Copy)
by Janus Press

Fledged (Last Copy)
by Scripps College Press

Unfolding Poems
by Boston Book Arts Group

A Descriptive Bibliography
by Peter Koch, Printer

Ste. Ostrich Set (Last 3 sets)
by Flying Fish Press


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