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Islam Aly ~ Egypt
Inception (Last Copy)

Alice Austin
~ Pennsylvania
Beach Finds
Blanket Bog

Box of Happiness (Last 3 copies)
Grand Canal (Last 3 copies)

Abstract Orange
~ Washington DC
(Lauren Emeritz)
Civil Rights Act of 1964


Lynn Agnew ~ Washington
Ghost Vehicles

Carla Busquets ~ Spain
Underwater Ruin

Careless Press ~ California
(Carol Es)
All Done But None (Last 3 copies)
Houses (Last Copy)

Contoura Press ~ Virginia
(Katharine Buckley)
T.W.K. Monthly (Last Copy)

AB Gorham ~ Nebraska
Casino Baby

Heavy Duty Press ~ Wisconsin
(Michael Koppa)
8t Bags About The Natural World
Les Cocobopros
Understanding This Book

Hot Tomato Press ~ Minnesota
(Erica Spitzer Rasmussen)
Thoughts About Pots

Inky Press Productions ~ Illinois
(Bea Nettles)
Turning 50 (Last 2 copies)

JUSTARIP ~ New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)
A ‘lotta Licks
Swept Away

Ines von Ketelhodt ~ Germany
Ernst Jandl, schtzngrmm

Tom Knapp ~ Texas
La Cristiada (Last Copy)

Lisa Kokin ~ California
(New Pricing)
Character Study
Habeas Corpus
PMS Handbook
Si Fidel
What I didn’t Learn

Jihae Kwon ~ Hawaii
Homeless Chickens (Last Copy)

Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli ~ California
The Caretaker
Secret Love
Tempus Fugit

Bea Nettles ~ Illinois
Fig Leaf
Place (Last 3 copies)
Springs Victory (Last Copy)

Perishable Press ~ Wisconsin
(Walter Hamady)
Depression Dog (Last 3 copies)

Marnie Powers-Torrey ~ Utah

Tia Blassingame ~ California
(Primrose Press)
Black: A Handbook (Last 2 copies)

Benjamin D. Rinehart ~ Wisconsin
Boys & Bubs #7: You see What we see (Last 3 copies)

Jaime Lynn Shafer ~ Maryland
Code Red

Beth Sheehan ~ Alabama
Memento (Last 3 copies)

Jana Sim ~ Korea
Korean Traditional Door Patterns (Last 2 copies)
Connection (Last 2 copies)

Springtide Press ~ Washington
(Jessica Spring)
An Inflammatory Guide
One Liners

Portmandemic (Last 3 copies)

Transformer Press ~ Canada
(Lise Melhorn-Boe)
Thank-You Note for a Quilt

Terry Turrentine ~ California
Swords and Angels (Last 2 copies)
Widening Circles

Gail Wight ~ California
Restless Dust (Last 3 copies)

Philip Zimmermann ~ Arizona
(Spaceheater Editions)
Celsius 233 (now available)
Landscapes of the Late Anthropocene (Last Copy)


Habeas Corpus book
Habeas Corpus
by Lisa Kokin

Black: A Handbook
Black: A Handbook (Last 2 copies)
by Tia Blassingame

Casino Baby book
Casino Baby
by AB Gorham

Ghost Vehicles book
Ghost Vehicles
by Lynn Agnew

Thoughts About Pots
Thoughts About Pots
by Hot Tomato Press

Turning 50 book
Turning 50 (Last 2 copies)
by Inky Press Productions

Springs Victory book
Springs Victory (Last Copy)
by Bea Nettles

Code Red book
Code Red
by Jamie Lynn Shafer

Tempus Fugit book
Tempus Fugit
by Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli

Inception book
Inception (Last Copy)
by Islam Aly

Thank-You Note for a Quilt book
Thank-You Note for a Quilt
by Transformer Press

Swords and Angels book
Swords and Angels (Last 2 copies)
by Terry Turrentine

Patience book
by Ines von Ketelhodt

Memento book
Memento (Last 3 copies)
by Beth Sheehan

Portmandemic book
Portmandemic (Last 3 copies)
by Springtide Press


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