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Birdwood Press ~Colorado
(Gail Watson)
Language of Trees (Last 3 copies)
The Water Department (Last 2 copies)
Testament (Last 2 copies)
Texts (Last Copy)

Tia Blassingame
~ California/Connecticut
(Primrose Press)

Crooked Letter Press ~Florida
(Ellen Knudson)
Common Rocks and Other Problems

Alisa Golden ~California
Chalk Voices
Crows at Home
Driftwood & Roots
Fair Entry
Night Monster
Not Falling/Not Moving
Once Said a Stoic: Epictetus
She is the Keeper Start with Pencil

Ed Hutchins ~ New York
Whatta Pie! (Last Copy)

JUSTARIP ~New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)
Ninth Street Women

Clifton Meador ~ North Carolina
On Riverbank (Last Copy)

Peter Newland ~ Washington
(Pied Typer Press)
Bui Doi (Last 2 copies)

Benjamin D. Rinehart ~ Wisconsin
Fractured Fathers (Last Copy)

Jaime Lynn Shafer ~ Maryland
Code Red (Last 2 copies)

Jana Sim~ Korea
Language Mobius (Last Copy)

Rachel Simmons ~ Florida
Fractured Fathers (Last Copy)

SpeakEasy Press ~Virginia
(Frank Brannon)
Alone Together

Strong Silent Type Press ~ New Mexico
(Fred Hagstrom)
Echo (Last Copy)
First Light (Last Copy)
Forces and Fossils (Last Copy)
His Small Self Constant, Variable (Last Copy)
Junked (Last Copy)
Testing: Navajo Uranium Miners (Last 2 copies)


Chalk Voices book
Chalk Voices
by Alisa Golden

'Pause book
by Tia Blassingame

Common Rocks and Other P:roblems book
Common Rocks and Other Problems
by Crooked Letter Press

Ninth Street Women book
Ninth Street Women

Language of Trees (Last 3 copies)
by Birdwood Press

On Riverbank book
On Riverbank (Last Copy)
by Clifton Meador

Testing: Navajo Uranium Miners book
Testing: Navajo Uranium Miners (Last 3 copies)
by Strong Silent Type Press


Page last update: 07.21.2024

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