Almanac &
Type Specimen book
Almanac & Type Specimen book

By Mare Blocker
Ames Lake: M Kimberly Press, 1988. Edition of 88.

5 x 8.5"; 26 pages. Letterpress printed on Ragston paper, with an Astrolux dust jacket cover. Lino cuts. Sewn binding. Signed and numbered by the artist. Near fine, spine slightly bent.

Letterpress printed specimen book to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the M. Kimberly Press.

A fun Type Specimen book that pairs the Type with guides to things such as poisons. Cameo type is paired with poisons. Skulls are printed with the names of poisons underneath each - snake venom, puffer fish, datura, tobacco, nux vomica, foxglove, hemlock, draino. Additional types and guides are News Gothic /Spontaneous Combustion; Barnum / Spotted Animals; Stymie Outline / Slug Extermination; and so on.