There May Still Be Time Left
There May Still Be Time Left

Images from the Black Alchemy Series
By Aaron Turner
With essay by Daonne Huff
Rochester, New York: Visual Studies Workshop, 2022. Edition of 250.

5.5 x 9”; 64 unnumbered pages. Printed digital offset. Includes “Interview Postscript” and index of images. Hardbound in velour with titles on spine.

VSW: "Part of The Black Alchemy series, ‘There May Still Be Time Left’ continues Turner’s examination of the present, Black artists, and Black American history through construction, abstraction, and projection. Included is ‘A Litany of Aesthetics (Composition in Black, White, and Grey)’ an epistolary essay by writer Daonne Huff, who writes to Turner: ‘I look at your work and I think about the importance of the archive. Not just the official ones that are deemed worthy of protection and conservation by institutions as a testament, as an acknowledgment of a deserving and worthy public history, or as a deserving and worthy public life, but also the personal ones, the family ones, the private ones not intended or prepared for public consumption, review or affirmation.’”

Black Alchemy by Aaron Turner is a series of installations and other media in which “the monolithic historical narrative within Art History, and tis recognition bias of notable black artists until later in their careers or death.” Turner said in talking about one Black Alchemy installation that “my role as the artist is to reveal what is hidden, in collaboration with history, through the photographic archive.

Aaron R. Turner, bio: “Aaron Turner is a photographer and educator currently based in Arkansas. He uses photography as a transformative process to understand the ideas of home and resilience in two main areas of the U.S., the Arkansas and Mississippi Deltas. Aaron also uses the 4x5 view camera to create still-life studies on identity, history, blackness as material, and abstraction. Aaron received his M.A. from Ohio University and an M.F.A from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.”