By Jessica Spring
Tacoma, Washington: Springtide Press, 2017. Edition of 40.

Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x .25", opens to 3 x 7". (Miniature when closed.) Letterpress printed with handset metal type and ornaments in one large circular form on vintage maritime maps and Usuzumi paper. Cut into pages before binding. Twine closure through metal grommets. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Jessica Spring: "The playful structure of 'Anchoring,' an origami petal fold, reveals variations on the 'row, row, row, your boat' nursery rhyme. It was inspired by visits to see my father as he was ravaged by Alzheimer's disease. Despite losing most of his memories, the very earliest sometimes remained —-like the refrain of familiar songs. Challenging pain or anxiety could be diverted by a rousing round of 'row, row.' Dad always joined in with gusto, finding profound relief in knowing the words and being-as he always was-an essential part of the fun. The last round ends the song: 'just come home to me'."