3 Cooks in the Kitchen book
3 Cooks in the Kitchen

By Maryann Riker
Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Maryann Riker, 2011. Edition of 12.

4.75 x 4"; 8 pages. Accordion structure. Digital printing. Paper covered boards with red-and-white polka dot cloth spine. Back board edged in white eyelet. Ribbon closure.

Maryann Riker: "Early 20th century America brought a revolution in the food industry with prepackaged, canned, and frozen foods. And the food industry did their darndest to get American housewives to whip up and use all the newest fangled food products. But they resisted. To the American homemaker, the finest test of her skills was the home-cooked meal from scratch that she lovingly prepared for her family to enjoy. It took 3 women, cooks themselves, to change the way American housewives used these new food inventions and one re-introduced women to cooking from scratch but with a new cuisine. Enjoy this little accordion structure book to see how these women spooned up new delicacies for American women to dish out!"

The three women who helped change the way American women approached cooking were Poppy Cannon, Marjorie Child Husted, and Julia Child. A pop-out image of each is accompanied by a brief statement about her accomplishments.
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