Fragile Connections (1993)
Fragile Connections (1993)

By Sara Garden Armstrong
New York: Sara Garden Armstrong, 1992. Edition of 200.

11" x 4.5" (27.94 x 11.43 cm); 40 unnumbered pages including free end pages. Ten sheets of UV paper folded to twenty pages. Photocopy on acetate. Photos by: George Kondogianis, Krasner/Trebitz, Sara Garden Armstrong. Bound in transparency film over metallic lightweight board and stapled with film plastic wrapper. Numbered.

Jon Coffelt, "Sara Garden Armstrong Threads and Layers": "'Fragile Connections' comprises an edition of two hundred, printed in black and red on transparent film and paper using a copy machine. As the translucent pages are turned, images are superimposed, which creates a dialogue between words and images. In this work, Armstrong's themes – breathing, the organic, the artificial, the body, landscape – are viewed as concrete poetry through her placement of words on the page.

"The centerfold contains HMSL computer text printed in red – the digital score for 'Airplayer X' – combined with an image of Canadian boxwood trees covered with canvas, which appears eerily similar to the sculptured forms found in the 'Airplayer' series. The book makes an enigmatic statement about our collective past and future, suspending us in the present."