Hoops and SPF50
Hoops and SPF 50

By Savannah Bustillo
[Albuquerque, New Mexico]: Savannah Bustillo, 2018. Edition of 40.

4.75 x 3 x .5” open sided box of book board containing two zines with cotton ribbon pull. Box constructed from untreated book board. One board laser engraved with an image of a sunscreen bottle. Other board laser engraved with image of hoop earrings. Zines text and images blind embossed on white bleached cotton rag paper. Each zine one sheet book construction forming 8 panels each. Signed and numbered on the back board of the box.

Savannah Bustillo: "The zine featuring more images of the sunscreen bottle begins with the phrase: ‘I feel least colored when I wear SPF 50.’ Each subsequent page redacts more and more words from the phrase but presents different scenarios for when I have similarly felt least colored. The other zine follows a similar pattern, instead featuring images of the hoop earrings and the phrase ‘I feel most colored when I wear big hoops.’

“Meant to continue the legacy, from the American artist Glen Ligon’s iconic piece ‘I feel most colored against the sharp white background of the gallery wall’ and then all the way back to Zora Neale Hurston’s essay ‘How It Feels to Be Colored Me.’ These zines are meant to sit in the liminal spaces where I feel most and least colored.”