Doctor Mister Miracles Guide... book
Doctor Mister Miracles’ Guide to Miracle-Making: A Manual (Abridged)

By Josh Hockensmith
Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Blue Bluer Books, 2013. Edition of 100.

5.5 x 8.5"; 20 pages. Facsimile edition of an altered book. Commercial digital press. Saddle-stitch binding. Opens in traditional Chinese style from right to left. Slipped in brown envelope with paper title label.

Josh Hockensmith: "Doctor Mister Miracles (a.k.a. Mr. Miracles; Miracle Man) is a round little enigma in a suspiciously familiar hat which shall not be named for fear of prosecution. He shows up periodically to embody my own and readers' inchoate ambitions and devilishly mischievous tendencies. He has trampled cities, journeyed to the afterlife and back, delivered a commencement address that he borrowed from a more famous author (with the author's generous permission), and rescued a clinically dead river through his avatars on Earth.

"In Doctor Mister Miracles’ Guide to Miracle-Making, he partially interprets a Chinese text into Enochian, the language of the angels discovered in the 17th century by English naturalist/miraclist, John Dee. I've partially translated the Enochian in turn (with the benefit of those with no knowledge of the language) into English.

"I created the original edition by disassembling five old acupuncture manuals, altering the pages, and then reassembling them into five copies of a transformed book. This larger edition consists of my favorite version of each page, scanned and then commercially printed by a local print shop in Chapel Hill, NC.

“ Dr. Miracle Man first appeared on Hockensmith’s blog on his first day of posting – Tuesday, October 27, 2009. He said “One project that promises to be extremely long-term is Dr. Miracle Man's Adventures in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Other. It'll be a collection of collages telling exactly that story.”