Amberwood Press- New York
(Nava Atlas)

History of American White Women
Love and Marriage

Alex Appella – Argentina
One Day Un Dia
Temptations of the Frijolera Pot

Bionic Hearing Press – Ohio
(Aimee Lee)

This is the Start (Sold)

Blue Heron Press – Nebraska
(Karen Kunc)

Field Trip

Bubble & Squeek – California
(Jennie Hinchcliff)

Sleepwaking (Last 2 copies)

Marcia Ciro – Massachusetts
Getting There/Being There (Sold)
Personal Refuge (Last Copy)

Coracle Editions – Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn)

133 Fruit Labels
Constructed Archive 1959-2016
Cork City (Sold)
Em & Me
eye – drop calendar
News in Haiku (Sold)
Too Raucous for a Chorus
The ‘X’ Mas Files

Dead Feminists Broadsides – Washington

Estados Dividos (Sold)
Liberté, Egalité, Sororité
Title Nine Iron

Romano Hänni – Switzerland
Words make the infinite finite V
Words make the infinite finite VII

John Hastings – Washington
A Book of Ants
AEIOU Vowel Change Service

JUSTARIP – New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)

Saint of Diminished Hopes (Sold)
Starry-Eyed Gals
Women with Balls
Women’s Fashion Issues (Sold)

Women’s Health Issues

Kamikaze Press – France
(Simon Redington)

The Grand Charade
What's so Funny about Peace

Ines von Ketelhodt – Germany
Bücher /// Books

Lilliput Press – New York
(Carol Schwartzott)

April Rain
A Brief History of the Fan (Sold)
The Garden

Peter Malutzki – Germany
buchstäblich Buch

May Day Press – Washington
(Catherine Michaelis)

May Basket
Root, Leaf, & Flower

Clifton Meador – North Carolina
Legal Cuban Cigar
Long Slow March
Outport Night
Three Tibetan Bookstores (Last 2 copies)

Midnight Moon Press – California
(Ginger Burrell)

50 Shades of Gray (Last Copy)
Dear IRS (Sold)
Sandy Hook (Sold)

Naughty Dog Press – Iowae
(Emily Martin)

Cross Words
The Family Game (Sold)
How Can I Love You

Parallel Editions – Alabama
(University of Alabama)

Aeschylus / Fragments
Transfiguration of Dread

Preacher’s Biscuits Books – New York
(Tate Shaw)

The Ground
Sprawl Code

Press 63 Plus – Georgia
(Ruth Laxson)

A Hundred Years of: Lex Flex (Sold)

Primrose Press – California
(Tia Blassingame)
Guilty (Sold)
A Love Story (Sold)
Marching Lost

Red Butte Press – Utah
(University of Utah)

invisible shores
stranger & stranger

Tom Scarpino – California
The Elephant in the Room
Political Terms (Sold)
Racial Profiling (Sold)

Kazumi Seki – Illinois

Shady Press – Pennsylvania
(Susan Viguers)

On Collecting
Surviving Genocide

Rachel Simmons – Florida
Never Flinch

Clarissa Sligh – North Carolina
Transforming Hate
Wrongly Bodied

Spaceheater Editions – Arizona
(Phil Zimmermann)

Long Story Short
Sanctus Sonorensis

Visual Studies Workshop – New York
(Tate Shaw, Director)

Ladies First