Savor book
By Aimee Lee
Cleveland, Ohio: Bionic Hearing Press, 2018. Second Edition of 10.

3.75 x 2.25 x 0.5" closed, 7.6" tall open. 8 leaves. Inkjet printed with typeface Avenir Medium. Bound at top edge with thread. Text by Aimee Lee. Printed and bound by Aimee Lee. Text papers handmade by Velma Bolyard. End sheets handmade by Aimee Lee. Signed and numbered by Aimee Lee.

Aimee Lee: "The entire book is made of handmade paper, almost all made by a papermaking colleague. This partnership supports the entire premise, of a shared love of paper and all of the discoveries we continue to make as we make it. The text has been chosen for the appropriate colors, and the covers are hand dyed."