Voyage(r) book
Voyage(r): A Tourist Map to Japan

By Clarissa T. Sligh
Atlanta Georgia: Nexus Press, 2000. Edition of 800.

5 x 7.25"; 144 pages. Printed offset in duotones on Mohawk Options paper. Smythe sewn. Illustrated paper wraps. Encased in lined cloth pouch. Signed by author.

Prospectus: "In this diary-like artist's book, Sligh recounts a trip to Japan through a thoughtfully constructed montage of photography, texts, and abstract gestural paintings. In personal and poetic musings, the author ponders her relationship to Japanese culture, both as a first time visitor and as an African American woman."

Clarissa Sligh: "This work comes out of a visit with people and places in Japan. It is also based on research of the historical circumstances surrounding the United States decision to drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan and reflections on what visiting Hiroshima meant to me as an American."