A Love Story book
A Love Story
By Tia Blassingame
New Haven, Conn & Claremont, Calif: Primrose Press, 2018. Edition of 30.

8.5 x 11"; 30 pages including covers. Color digital print. Printed in Avenir, Cinzel, and Cinzel Decorative typefaces. Background images of artist's collages. Saddle stich binding (stapled). Signed and numbered by the artist.

Tia Blassingame: "Conceived of at the Paper & Book Intensive (PBI) at Oxbow School of Art in Saugatuck, Michigan May 2017, the book is about love of craft and the book arts field. Related to making artists' books with a social justice focus, it presents the artist's creative process including printing, editioning, and presenting. Between criss crossing the country, the artist employed the collage making process to de-stress while maintaining focus on simultaneous projects focused on issues of race and racism."

Colophon: "For just over a year, I had been working on a project about love, or trying to at least. Then I accepted that I was not in love with any person. there was no man with whom I wanted to connect, but there was love of craft, of practice, of field. with that realization, this project quickly came together. I hope this book speaks more eloquently that I on my process of creating an artist's book from conception to the last stitch and beyond.

"Many magazines and newsletters were torn up to create a dozen collages. The collage-making process was used as a way to de-stress and simultaneously maintain progress and focus on this and other projects that dealt with issues of race and racism. Flown between the two coasts repeatedly, many notebooks and hotel writing pads as well as a laptop are filled with notes, drafts, and diagrams for this book."
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