Constructed Archive 1959-2016 book
Constructed Archive 1959-2016

By Simon Cutts
Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland: Coracle, 2017. Edition size unstated.

8.75 x 6"; 210 pages. Digitally printed with 30 full colour plates. Casebound.

Coracle: "Archive listing of the books, files, and papers of Simon Cutts. The work itself moves from the text on the page through the sequence and development of the book, paper and printing as a form intrinsic to the poem, to versions of smaller plastic objects and larger installations as a means of its resolution."

Simon Cutts, introduction: "This is the archive of the books, files and papers of Simon Cutts, poet, publisher, editor of spaces, and plastic artist. It begins in Nottingham in Britain in the early nineteen sixties as Tarasque Press and later forming Coracle Press in London from the mid-nineteen seventies and in all its later manifestations.

"Notebooks, Diaries and Deskbooks go back as far as the late nineteen fifties and are included until the present date. A large section of photographic documentation of objects made, their exhibition and installation, and the photographic documentation of book and card sequences is also listed.

"Correspondence is often included in the working files previously listed, and the remainder is separately indexed in its own section. This also includes digital files of particular correspondence held under Coracle in the Getty Research Institute.

"The archive is completed by extensive bibliographical, biographical and reference sections, and includes a large section on the locations for both Simon Cutts himself and the places in which he has worked and made books and other objects."