Temptations of the Frijolera Pot book
Temptations of the Frijolera Pot

By Alex Appella
Icho Cruz, Argentina: Transient Books, 2001. Edition of 240.

48 full-color illustrations of over 20 poems. Each of the 240 numbered copies (120 in English, 120 en Español) is hand-bound by the author. Illustrated by Silvana de Gonzalez. Single volume double-back binding version with English and Spanish versions at opposite ends.

This collection of poems reflect an overland journey the author made with her husband from Alaska to Costa Rica. (October 1999-May 2000) The pages of this book blossom people, livelihoods and mysteries that accompany any traveler with an open heart.

The illustrations are realized using collage, pencil, ink, and watercolor. The author gave this collection of poems (unillustrated) to Silvana de Gonzalez as a gift upon her return from an extended journey throughout South America. As a surprise, Silvana then returned the book, fully illustrated, to the author. The illustrations were then scanned and prepared for off set printing.

The 240 numbered copies are bound in a number of different formats: single language and bilingual, with or without slip cases, using a wide variety of materials. No two copies are alike.

Single volume in slipcase $98 (Last 3 copies)