Too Raucous for a Chorus book
Too Raucous for a Chorus

with drawings
by Laurie Clark by Erica Van Horn
Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland: Coracle Press, 2018. Edition of 300.

7 x 4.9"; 64 pages. Printed four-color offset. Casebound and blocked in two colors.

Coracle Press: "With dropped capital drawings by Laurie Clark, an assembly of shorter texts by Erica Van Horn, of the plight of birds encountered in local circumstances."

Erica Van Horn, 14 November 2018: "I am thrilled with my new book. I cannot stop looking at it. As usual, I have been moving it around the house to surprise myself with its presence. The blue cover glows from across the room. I have one copy here and Laurie has one copy in Scotland. … I think it took us ten years to make this book. We always wanted to make a book about birds together but neither of us ever knew what the book might be. My knowledge of birds is so paltry. Finally these texts came together celebrating bird life, marking both small observations and small disasters. Laurie’s drawings could not be more perfect."

Laurie Clark, the illustrator, lives in Pittenweem, a small fishing village on the east coast of Scotland. With the poet Thomas A Clark, in the summer months she runs Cairn gallery, a space for minimal and conceptual art.