The Grand Charade book
The Grand Charade
By Simon Redington
[France]: Kamikaze Press, 2018. Edition of 100.

14.5 x 7.5" oblong; 40 pages with black paper end pages.

"The Grand Charade" is a catalog produced to accompany Redington's exhibition of the same name. The highlight of the exhibition is his series marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Catalog Introduction: "The Universal Declaration of Human rights was first published on 10th December 1948. To mark its 70th anniversary artist and printmaker Simon Redington has cut and pasted this sadly maligned and ignored document, in the traditional manner with scissors and glue. Presented on 20-foot high boards, it is displayed in five columns as it was originally intended to be viewed. The text was printed on a Vandercook letterpress using two-and-a-half inch high wood type spread over almost 200 lines.

"Redington has punctuated the manuscript with mixed media, collaged drawings — a proposed juxtaposition to assimilate a narrative, as opposed to an illustration of the text.

"Words and statements printed in red and black are used as torn and distorted fragments alongside a well-used cannon of newspaper cuttings, martial imagery, gloss and glitz, Marvel comics and Busby Berkeley Hollywood stills. Further source material was gleaned, subverted and fragmented from the painted designs of the Ramakien 'Glory of Rama'."

The catalog reproduces these words and statements along with his drawings in a reduced size. The catalog includes an introduction, pictures and brief statement about Simon Redington, and a credits page.