Aeschylus / Fragments book
Aeschylus / Fragments
Translated by John Taggart with Philip Lockhart
Lithographs by Mario Laplante
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Parallel Editions, 1992. Edition of 90.

5.5 x 8.625"; 48 pages. Designed and printed by Steve Miller, Bill Sneeberger, and Terry Taylor. Printed letterpress with Gill Sans on Dulcet paper. Lithographs by Mario Laplante. Softbound in hand-colored Tyvek in limp-vellum style by Catherine May and Coriander Reisbord. Signed by John Taggart. Numbered.

A book of fragments from the writings of Aeschylus translated by John Taggart with an introduction by Philip Lockhart. The fragments are numbered with an index to reference the fragment with the original text.

Professor Philip Lockhart (1928-2011) taught for twenty-seven years at Dickinson College.

Mario Laplante, in 1992 Assistant Professor in Printmaking at the University of Alabama: "The prints I make usually find their way into Artist books. The cover, half title page, folios, and colophons allow my fascination with sculpture to take its cue in the dimensional presence of the book. Artist books that I’ve created satisfy the questions I have about the possible physicality of the print. Can prints be objects? Can objects be prints? Making books has helped me expand answers to those questions by transposing the privacy of the printed page to the public presence of an object."