The Garden book
The Garden

With quotations by Gertrude Jekyll and Thomas Reinhardt.
Niagara Falls, NY: Lilliput Press, [1994]. Second Edition of 500.

2.8 x 2.8" accordion-fold miniature book tied into paper wraps with ribbon. Printed offset. Original drawings by Schwartzott. Embossed cover. Book design and binding by Carol Schwartzott. Signed and numbered by the artist.

One in a series of four miniatures that the artist called "The Seasons." This one is the summer book. Even though printed offset, each book has something handmade about it — "The Garden" had embossed covers.

Flowers from the garden illustrated by Carol Schwartzott are presented in cut-out frame pages. The book begins with a quote from Gertrude Jekyll (Home and Garden, 1990) "The first purpose of a garden is to give happiness and repose of mind..."; it ends with a quote from Thomas Reinhardt, Landscape Architect, "A garden is a maze of experience that grows out of the past and builds on the present."
$25 (Last 4 copies)