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Bob Baris: "Down a winding gravel lane, on a small hillside farm in Appalachia, lies the Press on Scroll Road. We raise sheep here, keep a large market garden, and hope to make a book a year. ...

"Our books, I suppose, reflect our interests in good writing, intelligent authors, books, farming. But categories are always difficult. Perhaps their best description and the one we prefer is eclectic. ...

"We try to live and farm here in ways that are at once simple, quiet and elegant. Our books, we hope, also reflect these qualities."


By Janet Lembke
Carrollton, Ohio: Press on Scroll Road, 2010. Edition of 54.

8.25 x 12.5"; 52 pages. Printed from handset Cloister Lightface on Frankfort Cream paper in an iron handpress. Includes an illustration by Joe Nutt, the author's brother.

Prospectus: "Janet Lembke writes, gardens, and keeps cats in Staunton, Virginia. Her eighteen books include poetry, literary translations, and collections of essays on the natural world. In 2005, she received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to translate Virgil's Georgics, a poem on farming. She is a certified Virginia Master Gardener."

This paean to gardening begins with this: "Plant a garden and you reap an array of surprises." And the last paragraph with this: "The garden brings not only flowers, fruits, and vegetables but also great joy. But the work put into it is not – can never be – sufficient recompense for its gifts. I shall pay the dryad's price for my harvest…."

The calming sense of our greater cycles and truths is the experience of Harvests.

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Twenty-Four Old Regulars
By Maurice Manning
Carrollton, Ohio: Press on Scroll Road, 2008. Edition of 48.

6 x 9"; 44 pages. Letterpress printed from handset DeRoos types on Rives paper. Wood engravings by Gaylord Schanilec. Bound in cloth covered boards by Campbell-Logan. Paper title label on spine.

Twenty-four 8-line poems in a mountain dialect:

They's gone, my grannies, ever one
a mountain woman pore as God
and gone up yonder with him whar
they aint nobody pity pore.
but never oncet bent down nor broke.
I'd give my eye to lay my face
against a powdered cheek oncet more.

Press on Scroll Road: "Maurice Manning's first book of poems, Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions, was selected in 2000 as the year's winner of the Yale Younger Poets competition and was published in 2001. This was followed by A Companion for Owls, published in 2004, and Bucolics in 2007. ... When not teaching at Indiana University and Warren Wilson College, you'll find the author on his farm near Springfield, Kentucky."
$125 (Last four copies)

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Three Essays
By David Kline
Carrollton, Ohio: Press on Scroll Road, 2006. Edition of 60.

6.5 x 10.5"; 44 pages. Printed from handset Cloister Lightface type on Twinrocker papers with an Ostrander-Seymour iron handpress. Two engravings by Abigail Rorer. Bound in cloth-covered boards by Priscilla Spitler.

Three essays – "Community," "Sharing Work with Children," and "The Value of Love" – reprinted here from Scratching the Woodchuck: "Nature on an Amish Farm by David Kline (University of Georgia Press)."

Robert Baris: "David Kline is an old order Amish farmer in Ohio. He has had two books of essays published: Great Possessions and Scratching the Woodchuck."
$225 (A few copies remain)

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