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Emory University: " In the 27 years it was in operation, Patrice Baldwin's Pequeño Press published 71 limited edition, hand-bound miniature books, two of which won the Miniature Book Society's Distinguished Book award. Pequeño Press was established in 1984 and was originally centered in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico while Baldwin was teaching at the Instituto Allende and Bellas Artes art schools. In 1990, Baldwin moved the press to Bisbee, Arizona; according to Baldwin, the ten years during which the press was situated in Bisbee were the most productive and exciting years of Pequeño Press."

Let the Games Begin
By Linda Geenen
Bisbee, Arizona: 1998. Edition of 50.

2.5 X 2.875", 131 page miniature. Printed in Eurostile and Zapf types on Neenah Classic Crest paper by Pat Baldwin. The illustrations were "painted" on the computer from a collection of antique playing cards. Poker chip on front cover, facsimile of $1000 bill on back cover. The felt covered boards with silk screened symbols, handmade paper end papers and binding were done at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff. Signed and numbered.

These pithy observations of a professional dealer range from comments by the players on life, poker and other players to commentary on the philosophy of poker.
$100 (Last Copy)

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Pequeño Press Out of Print titles:  

By Steven Holt
Santa Maria, California: 2003. Edition of 50.

2.75 X 2.875 x 1.625", 145 page miniature. Hard covered with handmade paper and with a Peruvian shrine imbedded in the front cover. With a feminine flurry of white bows along the spine. Bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff. Signed and numbered.

Humankind's attitude and practices concerning what is beautiful have always appeared at the forefront of every culture. From one era to another, these ideas have varied wildly and changed and rechanged time and again, producing some fascinating results for us to study.


Escoffier - King of Chefs, Chef of Kings
By Etienne Brouillet
Bisbee, Arizona: 1998. Edition of 55.

Box/cover, 2.75 x 2.5", 34 page miniature in NSEW accordion structure. Printed on Mohawk paper in Bell, Vivace and Zapf types. Japanese hand printed paper on cover. Sterling silver closure. Bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff. Signed and numbered.

This biography of the famous chef covers his early severe training, through the early years as a minor chef to his great success in Monte Carlo and London.



By Patrice Baldwin
Tucson, Arizona: Pequeño Press, 2009. Edition of 50.

3 x 2.25"; 58 pages.One foldout page. Images tipped in. Printed with Epson Stylus Photo R300 in Franklin Gothic type on Lana Laid and HP Advanced Photo paper. Sewn in Japanese style binding with a handmade polymer clay spine cover. Paper covered boards. Signed and numbered by Patrice Baldwin.

Patrice Baldwin: "The Hubble telescope has brought us some fabulous, other-worldly visions of our stars and nebulae. Now, in its last few years the final upgrade has brought even greater beauty close to us."

Illustrations were lent by permission of the NASA Hubble Space Telescope archive. Text is also from the Hubble web site.


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Lady Azurite
By David H. Garske
Bisbee, Arizona: 1992. Edition of 65.

3.75 x 2.94" with 56 page miniature. Fabric over boards. The calligraphy on the title page was done by Sandy Suggitt. The book was printed on an HP Laserjet printer in Americana type on Cross Pointe Amethyst paper at Pequeño Press. It was bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff.

This is the "life" story of "Lady Azurite" from her discovery to her final glorious resting place. Inside the eccentric drop-back cover you will find a title page printed on acetate so you can look through to the actual azurite mineral sample mounted inside the book. A circular tunnel going through each page allows you to see the azurite as you read her story.

The week it was finished, the U.S. Post Office issued the lovely Azurite stamp which you will find just inside the front cover.

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Painted Faces
By Cheng HaWei
Manchaca, Texas: Pequeño Press, 2005. Edition of 50.

2 x 2.5 x 1"; 100 pages. Printed on Neenah Peppercorn paper in Font Energy typeface. Dimensional mask made in China mounted on front board. Black leather-bound boards with one onlay. Paper covered spine with paper title. Designed and printed by Patrice Baldwin after a year of teaching in China.

Pequeño Press: '"'The Painted Faces of the Chinese Opera' evolved from masks used in opera performances as far back as the Tang Dynasty (619-907). Each mask is different, with the colors used to identify the type of character being played."

Legend has it that the first masks were used to hide the embarrassment of court officials who were required by a Tang Emperor to perform operas. Symbology of mask colorings followed by stories and images of specific masks.

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The Royal Barges of Siam
By Wuttipong Pongsuwan
Bisbee, Arizona: 2000. Edition of 55.

2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5", 83 page miniature in accordion structure. Handmade Thai paper covering lidded box with shadow box illustration inside bottom. Printed on Neenah Classic Crest paper in Tiffany type. Enclosed by a base and lid made in Thailand. Bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff. Signed and numbered.

The royalty of Thailand uses these beautifully carved and gilded barges on State occasions. They have hundreds of oarsmen and richly carved guardian figureheads. Their origins date back 300 years.


The Survivors
By Patrice Baldwin
[Tucson, Arizona]: Pequeño Press, 2009. Edition of 50.

2.625 x 2.625 x 1.875"; 20 pages. Hard page flip flop structure. Paper covered boards. Colophon printed on back pastedown. Paper illustration design by Baldwin. Printed on an Epson Stylus Photo R300. Signed and numbered by Baldwin.

Patrice Baldwin: "The long awaited tribute to those of us born between 1920 and 1979 who made it through [even though we] were put to sleep on our tummies in a crib covered by brightly colored lead-based paint and did without childproof lids on medicine bottles. It's amazing what the advent of seat belts and air bags has done, but we managed to get through it. Without DVDs, CDs, cell phones or the internet we managed to get outside and ride our bikes over to a friend's house and play outdoors."


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The Tarzan Chronicles
By P. J. Farmer
Santa Maria, California: Pequeño Press, 2003. Edition of 50.

3.5 x 2.25" closed, extends to 8.75"; 52 pages. Printed on Frankfurt Cream Text. Cloucester, Fundrunk, and Brush Script types. Gatefold structure. Bound in Japanese hand blocked paper wrapper with slip in closure.

Patrice Baldwin: "The Chronicles relate the episodic life of the famed tree swinger originated by Edgar Rice Burroughs, from his aristocratic family's beginnings in England and their trek to Africa. Tarzan lived a long and fascinating life even after donning striped trousers and cutaway.

"There is a pull-out tunnel in the middle of the book showing Tarzan swinging in the forest with narrative on each side of the tunnel book."


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