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Caroline Garcia Ziegler~ Louisiana

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Artist Statement: “I am interested in the tools of narration. Words, sentences, images and syntax are all tools of narration, but so is the lead and wood type, and the wood and linoleum from which I carve the imagery. I enjoy testing the boundaries of understanding in narration. At times I do this by using nonsense words, at other times I pair and re-pair familiar images and archetypes, such as fairy tale characters. One of the amazing abilities of being human is how we tie objects and events together to create a sensible environment. Often this ‘sense-making’ is more of a habit than simply an ability, and I am interested in the new stories and symbols we create when confronted with familiar subjects in new settings.”

A Gaggle of Hoodlums
By Caroline Garcia
Philly [Philadelphia, PA]: Candy Coated Press, 2007. Edition of 84.

7.5 x 10.75"; one sheet folded. producing four pages. Medium: Reductive woodcut (Shina) and hand-set lead type This book was created in twelve press runs with multiple reductive woodcuts and hand-set lead type. Numbered.

Caroline Garcia Ziegler: "’A Gaggle of Hoodlums’ was written on the Louisiana artist's brisk, 6-block walk from school to the subway in Philadelphia. The seemingly nonsensical poem describes ogling and catcalling men who would band together to harass women, either from a stationary post leaning against buildings, or by actively getting in their way to block their path, forcing women to engage with them.

“The Loup Garou is a werewolf in Cajun folktales, and in the artist's family, if you were out ‘rougarou-ing,’ you were out causing mischief.”

A gaggle of hoodlums
were out rou-ga-rou-ing
and oogled the chickenheads
who tried to pass by. …
Then came the Loup Garou!
Who gobbled then hobbled
gnarled bowls and cobbles,
then dobbled them over a horrible hue, …

Caroline Garcia Ziegler: “One of the things I really like about this book is that it’s not an imposing artist’s book due to its incredibly simple structure. As an object, it’s such a simple thing, but the content and the printing is definitely not simple. The printing uses 3 separate reductive woodblocks, one with a rainbow roll, and hand-set type. My background as a Louisianan transplanted into a major Mid-Atlantic city became part of the piece. A slur against women became illustrated characters, big dudes in hoodies are the bad guys (a different kind of slur), and a Cajun werewolf appears out of nowhere to take care of the harassers – all within this little package of wordplay!”

A Gaggle of Hoodlum book
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