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Stephanie Wolff ~ Vermont

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Artist statement: “Stephanie Wolff works with text, textile, and the book form creating both two- and three-dimensional art on themes of weather, science, history, and rural life. Her process begins with research: in archives and databases, by reading, in conversations with experts, and via active exploration. The examination and interpretation of the research help her form questions, make connections, gain knowledge, and expand her point of view.."

The Pocket Sky Atlas
By Stephanie Wolff
Vermont: Stephanie Wolff, 2023. Editions of 14 + 2 Ap.

4.25 x 6.25 x .375" closed. Letterpress printed in Bell from polymer plates at May Day Studio. Monotypes printed at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio. A volvelle of the ten skies included in the back pocket. Hardcover pamphlet-bound book. Housed in a softcover slipcase. Production supported by a 2022 Book Artist-in-Residence award from Maine Media Workshops + College. Numbered.

Stephanie Wolff: "The sky has long been a source of wonder and inspiration. 'The Pocket Sky Atlas' holds ten original monotypes depicting skies of different weather and conditions presented alongside ten texts from a variety of sources, including Luke Howard, Thomas Cole, H.D. Thoreau, Maria Mitchell, and Willa Cather. The stepped foredge exposes all the pages, allowing glimpses of the variation of skies.”

The Pocket Sky Atlas book
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By Stephanie Wolff and Dorothy Simpson Krause
[Boca Raton, Florida]: Jaffe Center for the Book Arts, 2015. Edition of 10 variants.

7.25 x 3.5"; 12 pages. Flutter book. Letterpress printed. Colophon with a map of Florida laser-printed. Cover and pages incorporate letterpress printing on a Vandercook 4 proof press using wood type, metal and collagraph plates. Blind printing of an area map. Printed on Arches 88 paper. Plant inclusion endpapers. Laid in handmade paper wrapper with slit-and-slot closure. Signed and numbered by the artists. (Last 3 copies).

Book statement: "During Stephanie Wolff's residency at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, she and Dorothy Krause, the first resident artist, collaborated on this brief ode to Florida. A variety of Pigment prints of vintage documents, maps, photographs and botanicals were transferred onto the pages of this edition of 10 variable copies."
$800 (Last 3 copies)

FL book
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Stephanie Wolff SOLD / Out of Print Titles:  

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
[The Beaufort Wind Scale]

By Stephanie Wolff
[Boca Raton, Florida]: Jaffe Center for the Book Arts, 2015. Edition of 13.

18 x 26 cm; 14 unnumbered leaves. Letterpress printed on Somerset white paper with a Vandercook 4 proof press using handset metal type in Perpetua, along with wood type for blind printing of the numerals. Non-adhesive binding with pages sewn onto a concertina inserted into Hedi Kyle's crown binding with reinforced paper covers. Housed in cloth covered clamshell box. Letterpress printed table of the Beaufort wind scale on interior front of clamshell box. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Stephanie Wolff: "Sir Francis Beaufort's historic scale helps us understand wind force with straightforward, comprehensible, even beautiful, words and phrases—such as 'crested wavelets form on inland waters' or 'inconvenience in walking against wind.' The descriptions of the thirteen categories, from Calm to Hurricane, provide a poetic rhythm, and the page design echoes the strengthening wind and destruction as a reader progresses. "

WorldCat (10.05.2022): “This artist book presents the descriptive language of the Beaufort wind scale's thirteen categories from Calm to Hurricane, with the structural form of the book referencing the intensification of the wind force as the pages progress. Each page of text is hand-cut into ‘fringe’ strips enfolding the text and moving as each page is turned. The higher the number on the Beaufort Wind Scale, the more cuts in the page.”

0       Calm, smoke rises vertically …
6       Large branches in motion,
         telegraph wires whistle,
         umbrellas used with difficulty …
9       Slight structural damage occurs,
        Chimney pots and slates removed …
12      Devastation occurs

(SOLD/Out of Print)

01234.... book
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