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Ellen Sheffield Out of Print Titles:  
Cite/Site Specific
Evans v. Merriweather 4 OH 492 (1842)
By Ellen Sheffield
Gambier, Ohio: Unit IV Arts, 2001. One-of-a-Kind.

8 x 6"; 8 pages. Accordion. Transfers on Rives.

Ellen Sheffield: "Cite/Sight Specific is a concrete poem I wrote based on the briefing of an actual legal case about riparian (water) rights woven together with an accounting of Tibetan monks carrying the colored sand from a mandala they had created in the library at Kenyon College down the hill to pour as a blessing into the Kokosing River. As a law school student I spent three years briefing cases and often daydreamed about creating poetry from the visually rich legal language of property law – this artist book is one of many using legal language as found poetry."

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Daylily Pollen Sampler
By Ellen Sheffield
Gambier, Ohio: Unit IV Arts, 2008. One-of-a-Kind.

7.25 x 6"; 22 pages. Double accordion structure, with two double-sided accordions (one side has photographs of day lilies, the opposite side has corresponding pollen samples) backed to each other with every other fold attached so that when pulled open the photographs can be seem on the inside of a collapsing/expanding 4-sided polygon.

Ellen Sheffield: "In the summer the gardens along Middle Path in our small village are a riot of color with every variety of day lily blooming. I photographed the lilies, and collected samples of pollen from each variety to use as pigment in this color sample artist book. I was a bit disappointed to find that the pollen was all the same shade of yellow, although I gave each sample its own distinct name. I was further dismayed to discover that the pollen evaporated and faded shortly after applying it to the stitched sampler pages. I gathered more pollen and 'fixed' it with beeswax (most likely a crime against nature) and transferred the daylily photos to the inside of the double accordion with mat medium."

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