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PreNeo Press ~ California
(Nanette Wylde and Kent Manske)

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PreNeo Press is the conceptual and collaborative space of Kent Manske and Nanette Wylde.

Kent Manske: “Print making processes (traditional and digital) serve the conceptual development of my images and satisfy my passion for working with materials. Completed works are realized as original prints and books. As form, the book provides order, structure and sequence for communication and image. I use the efficiency of the codex for its fixed sequence and boundedness, and the boxed portfolio for its characteristics of containment and embodiment. Within these conceptual spaces, relationships emerge, narratives evolve and meanings manifest.”

Nanette Wylde: “My work starts with a question. Some unanswered phenomenon will go nagging around my gray matter, repeating itself in hushed, slightly obsessive tones until I satisfy with research‚ extensive research, and then a response. While it is the research that points me to answers, it is the actual making of the work, completing the project that satisfies the question.”

Hunger Button Books by Nanette Wylde  

Seven West Coast Foodie Vignettes

By Nanette Wylde and Kent Manske
Redwood City, California: PreNeo Press, 2017. Edition of 55.

6 x 18"; 7 folios. Letterpress and screen printed (46 press runs, in 25 colors). Windsor, Myriad, and American Typewriter fonts printed on Speckletone Kraft papers. Laid in a printed trifold portfolio. Signed and numbered by Wylde and Manske.

A collaboration between Nanette Wylde and Kent Manske. The stories are by Wylde. Illustrations, printing, and design are by Manske.

PreNeo Press: "Portfolio of seven letterpress printed folios, each with wood-type printed cover, two color interior screen print illustration, and original story which explores the diversity of meaning in food related language. The foodie vignettes are: Can, Chop, Grill, Jam, Pickle, Poach, and Salt."

Prospectus: "Foodies is an artists' book which explores the diversity of meaning in food related language. Each story has a contemporary theme, employs its title word in as many different definitions as is possible, and begins with a West Coast table setting. For example, Can takes place midday at a truck stop outside of Los Angeles and Chop during Happy Hour in the North Bay."

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PreNeo Press SOLD/Out of Print Titles:  

By Nanette Wylde
Redwood City, California: PreNeo Press, 2004. Edition of 5.

5 x 7"; 30 pages. Pigment prints. Printed on Epson 2000P using Sanvito Font. Bound in boards with image tipped on front. Ribbon ties at spine. Text author unknown. Images and concept by Nanette Wilde. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Nanette Wylde: "Based on a poem I memorized in fifth grade. ... For most of my adult life I have been periodically haunted by a poem I memorized as a child. The text would run through my head for days on end and then I wouldn’t think of it at all for several years. In 2004, I decided to do something about this and created an art project around the poem, Abandon.

"The project consisted of three pairs of children’s sized chairs. Each pair was painted a different color — pink, blue, yellow. The pairs sat facing each other. On one chair was a framed portrait of a doll, approximately 14″ x 20″. The other chair contained headphones with a nine minute audio reading of the poem by a variety of voices. The gallery visitor sat on the chair with audio, listened to the poem while looking at the portrait across from her. This book was also a part of that larger installation."

For days of brief abandon will not come
when we are underground so let us yield
to the blood that battles in us like a drum
and find the breast of beauty in a field.


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