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Artist statement: "The natural world is my inspiration. Every time I begin a painting I am eager to discover what happens when blue and red are mixed together. I anticipate the swallows each spring as they swoop through the air on the first day of their migratory return. I observe and paint the garden teeming with the diversity of life. I am still making discoveries about interpreting plants and animals through paint and color, a process that is continually evolving. … I am currently focusing on monotype printmaking and painting in watercolor, acrylic and encaustic. ”

Looking Up, Looking Down
Pictures: Dorothy K. McCuistion
Words: Jefna M. Cohen
Tacoma, Washington: Dorothy McCuistion, 2017. Edition of 10.

11 x 9": 20 pages. Linoleum cuts printed on Madison Print paper. Hand colored with watercolor. Bound in Madeleine Durham cover paper with Secret Belgian binding. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Dorothy McCuistion: "This book is a collaboration between Dorothy McCuistion and her daughter, writer and educator Jefna M. Cohen. Looking Up, Looking Down takes the reader on a seasonal walk with a child, reminding us that the world is bursting with simple things that spark a sense of wonder."

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Poem by Jefna M. Cohen
Artwork by Dorothy K. McCuistion
Tacoma, Washington: Dorothy McCuistion, 2015. Edition of 5.

4 x 6" closed, extends to 14"; 14 pages. Accordion fold. Hand-printed thermal screens and paper lithography. Copper leaf on Stonehenge paper and rice paper chine-collé. Copper Plate cover. In cloth bag. Signed and numbered by the artist and poet.

Dorothy McCuistion: "Backyard is collaborative book by mother-daughter team Dorothy McCuistion and Jefna M. Cohen. Ignorant of the pollution, Dorothy raised her children in the shadow of the ASARCO copper smelter, which spewed toxic chemicals into the air for nearly 100 years. These chemicals polluted the dirt for hundreds of square miles in ways that are still being mediated. Family photos of the smelter stack's demolition and backyard scenes alternate with stanzas of Jefna's companion poem and portions of a 2014 Health Department questionnaire sent to affected neighborhoods."

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