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Ein Würfelwurf kann den Zufall nicht abschaffen
A Throw of the Dice will Never Abolish Chance

By Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis
Belgium: etc Press, 2011. Edition of 18.

13.75 x 9.25 x 1"; 40 pages. Screenprinted. Post and screw binding. Cristalla Transparent paper from Römertum Feinpapiere. Typeface is Sabon. Printed at the Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium, in 2011. Housed in gray-board box with title stamped on lid

Cynthia Lollis: "This book began with a word list they started in 2001. For this book the list was revisited, and each artist contributed new words to it offering a new perspective. The photographs were taken by the artists while working together over ten years."

etc Press: "The artists quote in their book the 1897 by Stéphane Mallarmé, Un Coup de Dés Jamais N'Abolira Le Hasard as reinterpreted by the Belgian artist, Marcel Broodthaers in 1969."

Broodthaers artists' book reproduces Mallarmé's poem but with black stripes instead of words replicating Mallarmé's zealously stipulated layout. In Johanna Drucker's words: {Broodthaers'} elevates the structure of the work to a concept worthy of study in its own right, thus acknowledging Mallarmé's own fetishistic attention to this aspect of his work."

In the etc Press production, pairs of Dutch, French, German, and/or English words are printed on translucent paper illustrated with flat screenprinted simplified versions of photographs taken by Deeg and Lollis. The pairs of words are synonyms, but are they the same? Given the connotations that language is laden with, are synonyms – direct translation of experience – possible?

Won't a change in language almost certainly present a different reality? This stylish object plays stylistically with the question.

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By Cynthia Lollis and Daniela Deeg
Belgium: etc Press, 2009. Edition of 16.

12 x 11.75"; 32 pages including covers. Screenprinted on Glama Natural translucent paper. Bound in a custom printed tarpaulin wrap with stab binding using book screws. Housed in greyboard box with title stamped on lid. Text in English, German, and Danish.

Cynthia Lollis: "This book that can be read three ways by reordering the pages according to the code printed on each page's left margin.

"A [and] B orders each represent a fictional character in Kierkegaard's work Enten/Eller (1843) [in English, Either/Or]. It's a book of 'found' letters between Mr. B (the ethical voice), and Mr. A (the aesthetic voice). We hoped to visually represent their positions, first via the easy to follow numeric ordered (plus English than German pattern) that speaks Mr. B's argument for an ethical life, in contrast with Mr. A's position that can only be read ... [after the pages have been] reshuffled into A-order and only when the beginning of a thought is completed on the following page (first only in German, then only in English) ....

"For CD order (Cynthia and Daniela's), we chose seven Either/Or phrases in each of our three languages (Dani's, mine, and Kierkegaard's). Other than A or B, and X or Y, here are our selections with translations:

     Dag eller nat (Day or night)
     At blive eller ikke at blive (To be or not to be)
     Strålende eller grumset (Sunny or cloudy)
     Legeme eller appel (Body or spirit)
     Heldig eller bedrøvelig (Happy or sad)
     Snarlig eller sent (Early or late)
     Oppe eller nede (Up or down)

     Security or Adventure
     One or more
     Speak up or be silent
     Now or later
     Presence or Absence
     Together or apart
     For here or to go

     Karriere oder Kinder (Career or motherhood)
     Rock oder Hosen (Skirt or pants)
     Original oder Kopie (Original or copy)
     Weich oder hart (Soft or hard)
     Alles oder nichts (Something or nothing)
     Jetzt oder nie (Now or later)
     Bleiben oder gehen (Stay or go)

"The photographs were taken by the artists during a December 2007 visit to Copenhagen, Denmark."

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tapetenwechsel / change of scenery
By Cynthia Lollis and Daniela Deeg
Belgium: etc Press, 2008. Edition of 12.

11.25 x 8.5"; 9 folded prints. Prints: 28 x 40 cm (11 x 15.75"). Box: 28.5 x 21 x 2.3 cm (11.25 x 8.5 x 1.2"). Screenprint on Simili Japon. Color laser prints on Zanders Gohrsmühle. Housed in greyboard box with one drop down side for ease of lifting prints.

etc Press: "'change of scenery' is a suite of nine folded prints presented together as a loose-leaf book. The drawings and photographs were made by the artists, Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis, while traveling together abroad. The imagery deals with the surprising cultural differences of idiom usage in the artists’ native languages: German and English respectively. For example, Kalter Kaffee (cold coffee) = old hat (alter Hut). These double-sided serigraphs, plus tipped-in color laser prints, were printed at the Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium, in 2008."

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Titles of prints:

kalter kaffee [cold coffee] / old hat
kinderleicht [child simple] / piece of cake
in die nesseln setzen [to sit in nettles] / in hot water
weisse mäuse sehen [to see white mice] / seeing pink elephants
in den sauren apfel beissen [to bite a sour apple] / bite the bullet
ein loch in den bauch redden [to talk a hole in one’s stomach] / talking one’s head off
ein katzensprung [a cat’s leap] / a stone’s throw away
zwei fliegen mit einer klappe schlagen [to kill two flies with one swatter] / killing two birds with one stone
dasselbe in grün [same thing in green] / six of one, half dozen of the other



Viel Glück
By Cynthia Lollis and Daniela Deeg
Belgium: etc Press, 2007. Edition of 56.

4 x 5.5"; 84 pages. Coptic bound. Fonts: Weiss and Weiss Rundgotisch. Papers: Gmund Reaction, Curious Translucents, and Zanders Gobrsmuble. Printed in Belgium at the Frans Masereel Centrum. Text: English and German. Photographs over-painted with text and line drawings in gold pen. Housed in lidded grey cardboard box. Photographs, design and screen printing by Cynthia Lollis and Daniela Deeg.

Cynthia Lollis: "Viel Glück is a Coptic-bound book based on a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs. Inside, three questions from the tale form the book’s structure. Between three signatures of questions and text, are four more of screenprinted photographs. These images were taken by the artists, Cynthia Lollis and Daniela Deeg, in Germany throughout the Northern Black Forest. Here, spring versus summer is superimposed on translucent paper. Printed on the surface are drawings of the fairy tale, the Black Forest, and good luck symbols."

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12:38 - 14:16
By Cynthia Lollis & Daniela Deeg
Belgium: etc press, 2006. Edition of 36.

5.875 x 7.875 x 1.375". A screenprinted star accordion book with plexiglass covers in grayboard box.

A collaboration between Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis of photographs taken in New York city in May 2006. It represents a journey beginning at the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue at 41st Street and ending at the southern edge of Manhattan in Battery Park. The artists stopped every seven minutes to photograph down the middle of the street. Inside this, one sees a collapsed version of the trip via these seven views.


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By Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis
Belgium: etc press, 2005. Edition of 32.

6.25 x 8.75” double-sided accordion. Housed in 7.375 x 0.5 x 1” box.

Relinquo (to abandon) pairs Ovid’s version of Ariadne’s abandonment by Theseus with the story of Ovid’s banishment.

The Latin text of the book was written by Publius Ovidus Naso (43 BC – AD 17). Translations into English and German are tucked within the Ariadne side. Ovid was expelled from Rome by Emperor Augustus in AD 8 to the edge of his Empire for two crimes: “a poem and a blunder” [carment et error]. Twelve years before Ovid´s exile, he wrote the Heroides, a collection of letters by fictional women to their lovers. In letter X, Ariadne addresses Theseus after he sneaks away the morning after she helped him escape the labyrinth of her half-brother, the Minotaur.
$500 (Five copies remaining)



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By Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis
Belgium: etc press, 2010. Edition of 14.

9.25 x 11.75 x 1.5"; 25 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Silkscreen printed. Materials: Römerturm Cristalla, Römerturm Mohair, and clear plastic sheeting. Housed in gray bookboard box with title on cover.

Cynthia Lollis: "This book compares life's risks to gambling. Seven categories of risks are explored via statistics: Relationships, Water, Money, Travel, Career, Health, and Nature. The first line of text is from a journal entry written in 1857 by the Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, and the second is a Russian proverb. Tolstoy describes a gambling loss, whereas the proverb on the book's reverse side demonstrates a luckier aspect of risk."

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5.Juni 1999/July 27, 1999:
Love Letter to Gutenberg

By Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis
2000. Edition of 500.

40 x 27.5 cm letterpress and offset concertina book. Housed in a letterfold paper case.

Love Letter to Gutenberg is a photographic travelogue in the form of a large format concertina. A collaboration of a German, Daniela Deeg and an American, Cynthia Lollis. One travels to the Gutenberg bible in Mainz, Germany and the other to the Gutenberg bible in Washington, DC. On each side of the concertina the story of each journey is told with photographs. Both sides are of the same importance - there is no beginning nor end, no front nor back. Accordingly, the book has two titles and an English colophon, as well as a German one. Postcards that hint at missed appointments and written by the authors from their sites are tucked in with the colophons.

In celebration of Gutenberg’s 600th birthday in Mainz, this was one of three books selected for publication.

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