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Béatrice Coron, Cut Stories: " For the last 20 years, I have been exploring visual storytelling in artist books, paper cutting and public art. Collecting memories from individuals and communities, I stage narrative allegories in silhouette to create a dialogue with the viewer in playful fantasies."
By Béatrice Coron
New York: Béatrice Coron, 2015. Edition of 4.

4 x 8"; 48 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Cut figures of black tyvek. Bound in cloth boards. Signed , dated, and numbered by the artist.

Promenade provides an interesting take on the part negative space plays in papercutting. On one side of the accordion are black outlines of the promenaders tipped onto white paper; on the other side are small sheets of black paper minus the those outlines.

Béatrice Coron: "The full and empty of cutouts in a free interpretation of a promenade."


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Daphne & Chloe: Eternal Return
By Béatrice Coron
New York: Béatrice Coron, 2014. Edition of 4.

5.75 x 7" closed, extends to 55"; 8 panels. Accordion structure. Papercutting of figures in black tyvek mounted on white translucent paper. Laid in cloth boards with paper pastedowns. Colophon tipped on back pastedown. Signed , dated, and numbered by the artist.

Béatrice Coron: "In 2014 I had a commission from Robert J. Ruben, a book collector for his 'Daphnis & Chloe' collection. I proposed a version of the myth by seasons and wrote a text for a season on each double page. The accordion book can be presented as a loop in an eternal return.

"The story of
Daphnis and Chloe begins when they are infants. In winter the children are exposed to the elements and left to die. But they were discovered by shepherds who took pity on them. Though both little children wore tokens of noble birth, some shepherds raised them. They grew up in rustic innocence and fell in love (Spring). But Daphnis was kidnapped by pirates and Chloe pursued by different suitors (Summer). In Autumn after many heartbreaking events they were reunited. Recognized by their noble parents, they married and had many children and many seasons together. Maybe their children were exposed …. as often practiced to keep the fortune of noble families from being divided among too many children."

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Memory Holes
By Béatrice Coron
New York: Béatrice Coron, 2014. Edition of 6.

7.5 x 7.5" closed, extends to 30"; 4 panels. Accordion structure. Papercutting. Laid in cloth boards with paper pastedowns. Colophon tipped on back pastedown. Numbered.

Béatrice Coron: "In French, my mother tongue, memory lapses are called trous de mémoires. The English translation 'holes in memory' lacks the sensation I feel when experiencing memory disfunction. I explored connections in words and experiences between French and English as well as stories of Alice in Wonderland and black holes.

Memory holes are black holes in the surface of the known world. These black holes follow unpredictable paths and transform into tunnels. The tunnels are dug by individuals frenetically looking for what's gone already. Some antechambers preserve part of remembrance. By digging deeper someone hopes to find new connections and get back to the surface."


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Beatrice Coron Out of Print Titles:
• visibility & truth
• Figures of thoughts: Formes de pens


Alphabet Animal / Animal Alphabet
By Beatrice Coron
2001. Edition of 15.

5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5" cube. Uses papercutting and pochoirs. Each card hand-cut with cut-out and cut-in silhouette and pochoir printed letters. An animal-related alphabet in French and English with one word per letter. All words are animal names, except N, U, and X which are animal related. Graphically, both shapes of the silhouette are retained (the full and the empty shape) to be able to use every part of the paper. A shadow is added by watercolor stencil. The perception of an English and/or French book echo the perceptions of silhouette by complementary effects. Just as silhouettes divide the visual plan, the French and/or English word divides the linguistic plane.

Ms. Coron says that this cube-alphabet is a reminder of her favorite toy when she was a toddler. It was the first book she created after September 11, 2001.




Concepts & Perceptions
By Beatrice Coron
2003. Edition of 10.

11 X 10.5 X 1.5" Stainless Steel- Acier Inoxydable accordion-style structure with Coron's silhouette cut-outs. Laid-in gray book box.

English or French as words differ only by pronunciation. Ce livre est un livre en anglais et en français selon sa prononciation.

Beatrice Coron: "My 'mother tongue' is French, while my daily language is principally English. I'm constantly aware of my words, because I think both in French and English. In these daily exercises of searching for words, I discover linguistic oddities. My approximate pronunciation of English adds another dimension, one that lies somewhere in between the written and spoken word. My books explore phonetics, puns and association of ideas, unifying my French and American sides."

Beatrice Coron: "Ma langue maternelle est le français, et ma langue quotidienne est l'anglais. Je suis constamment consciente de mes mots (maux), car je pense en deux langues simultanément. Dans ces exercices quotidiens de chercher mon vocabulaire, je découvre des particularités linguistiques. Ma prononciation approximative de l'anglais ajoute une autre dimension, qui est entre le parlé et l'écrit. Mes livres explorent la phonétique, les jeux de mots et les associations d'idées, unifiant mon côté français et américain."




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