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Marcia Ciro ~ Massachusetts

Artist statement: "My fine art work uses photography and drawing to record and react to the world around me. Like all artists, I am interested in pursuing those images that show me something I haven’t seen before, especially relating imagery together to make sense of my place in the environment."

This Way, That Way: Lost in a Pandemic
By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2021. Edition of 25.

2.25 x 3" miniature, extends to 18 x 11.25". Snake fold construction. Original photographs digitally printed on recycled paper. In printed sleeve. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Marcia Ciro: "Like many, I have felt the push and pull from this chaotic pandemic event of 2020-2021, where information changed daily and no one knew what was on the way. At the same time, many of us found solace in the outdoors, which, really, was the only place we could go for a while. My book combines the chaos with nature to express the feelings of uncertainty and fear that we have all experienced over the last year and a half, and a little comic relief at the pandemic's expense."

This Way, That Way: Lost in a Pandemic book
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Terminal Home
By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2005. Edition of 8.

Three books 6 x 5" closed. Each book opens to 30". Photographs and text printed archival inkjet on Moab paper. Housed in a oval shaped cloth wrap box, open ended. Paper title on front in vertical format.

Marcia Ciro: “Caring for an aging and ill parent brings a final end to youthful notions of immortality. This book explores dying as a thing not to be feared, but as a welcome release. Playing on the word terminal, meaning ‘end’ and ‘part of an airport,’ and using nighttime images of a plane taxi-ing down a runway, the three books in this series progress from words of ending to words of home, as the plane takes off for the heavens. The bookcloth-covered container enfolds the books, while the shape looks like a cross-section of an airplane wing.”
$250 (Last 2 copies)

Terminal Home book
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Getting There / Being There
By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2000. Edition of 25.

6 x 10" closed, 18 x 10 x 6" open. Digitized photos and digital illustrations. Text printed with pigmented inks on Weber-Valentine paper. Housed in a printed Mohawk Superfine paper wrapper.

Marcia Ciro: “Ah, the road trip, that quintessential American activity. This flag book focus is on the seductiveness of the man-made auto environment, and how our drive to keep moving isolates us from the sensory impact of just ‘being’ in a place. The interior reveals a southwestern landscape through rear-view mirrors. On a closer inspection, staccato phrases from the car interior contrast with phonetic words that slowly explore the exterior environment. The outside of the book shows a parked car and a rich, inviting place – our reward for having stopped to smell the roses.”
$95 (Last Copy)

Getting there book
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By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2000. Edition of 25.

625 x 3.75" closed in 3 x 4.5 x 2.5" box. Ten books of digitized photos and original text printed with archival inks on Red River paper. Housed in a paper-covered box.

"Many of my books explore the difference between the familiar and the exotic, and the dichotomy between personal habits and foreign customs. In the set of accordian books, *TravelRiffs*, each book takes a series of pictures and "riffs" on them as you would a melody. The text itself, between the first and second sides, introduces an idea from the first side, like the first stanza of a song, and then completes the 'riff', leading the viewer to the second side, like a chorus."

Travel Riffs book
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Marcia Ciro Out of Print Title:

By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2002. Edition of 15.

4.125 x 4.125 x .5" closed; 24 x 6 x 5" open. Star structure. Digitized images with pigmented inks on an inkjet printer. Original text is printed letterpress. Mohawk Superfine paper. Container is sewn from cotton with a letterpressed "content" label of polyester ribbon.

This book from Marcia Ciro twists and turns just like a bad night’s sleep. In Measure: The Measurement of Melancholia as observed in Tossing and Turning and Under the Scrutiny of the Scales of Endurance, Ciro uses map-like images, charts, and graphs to explore her inner emotional landscape, trying to make sense of the language which so often fails to describe how one really feels.

Measure book
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Personal Refuge
By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2000. Edition of 12.

4 x 6" closed; 6 x 15" open. Original photographs, illustrations and text printed with archival inkjet inks on Red river paper. A double sided accordion with an open interior.

Marcia Ciro: “Using the metaphor of breathing, this book explores the relationship between feeling safe and feeling in danger. Images of sharp, piercing objects on the outside contrast with the glittering fresh air of the seashore on the inside. The flaps on the outside reveal devices to help you breathe when you’re in trouble; on the inside, a heart and lungs work together in harmony. The action of holding the book mimics breathing.”
(SOLD/Out of Print)

Personal Refuge book
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