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Sara Garden Armstrong ~ Alabama

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Artist statement: "Sara Garden Armstrong is a visual artist whose decades-long practice embraces a wide range of scales and techniques, from large site-specific sculpture to hand-held artist’s books, all of which examine organic processes of transformation. Chance and change drive her creative exploration of the possibilities of materials. Her work investigates the interactions between various physiological phenomena and the human body using movement, repetition, transparency, layering and mapping, and, at times, sound and light.”

Fragile Connections (2011)
By Sara Garden Armstrong
New York: Sara Garden Armstrong, 2011. Edition of 40.

11" x 4.5" (27.94 x 11.43cm); 18 pages. Interior pages of digital prints on translucent paper and Japanese paper. Bound in transparency film and metallic board. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Jon Coffelt, Sara Garden Armstrong Threads and Layers: "Inkjet-printed pages of the artist's work are juxtaposed with her photographs. words are layered throughout on both translucent and opaque pages. As the pages are turned, images and words are superimposed so that new meanings emerge."


Fragile Connections 2011 book
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Shadow Presences
By Sara Garden Armstrong
New York: Sara Garden Armstrong, 2010. Edition of 15.

8.75" x 10.75"; pages. Inside: digital prints on translucent paper, Japanese papers with gel medium. Cover: digital print, pastels and multiple layers of gel medium. Envelope: sandblastic plastic. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Jon Coffelt, "Sara Garden Armstrong Threads and Layers": "Shadows reflect the ephemeral moments in our lives, and this book captures their omnipresence. Shadows and their formational details were photographed from nature, portions of the images then juxtaposed and layered with gel medium."
$450 (Last 3 copies)

Shadow Presences book
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By Sara Garden Armstrong
New York: Sara Garden Armstrong, 1997. Edition of 25.

4" x 12.5" (10.16 x 31.75cm); pages. Case of sandblasted plastic. Cover and inside of paper fiber, rust, transparency film in Vinyl sleeves. Plastic screw post binding.

Jon Coffelt, "Sara Garden Armstrong Threads and Layers": "This book consists of layers of photographs printed on acetate and pulp sprayed on plastic, inserted into double folded vinyl sleeves. Images superimpose as the pages are turned to create deep yet translucent interior spaces."

Interiors book
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Messages from Home
By Sara Garden Armstrong
Introduction by Cassandra Langer New York: Sara Garden Armstrong, 1994. Edition of 40.

9" x 11.5" (22.86 x 29.21cm); 32 unnumbered pages. Interior pages of transparent film, translucent paper and coated laser paper. Bound in cover off vinyl sleeve with two screws at spine. Slipped in case of sandblasted plastic. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Jon Coffelt, "Sara Garden Armstrong Threads and Layers": "This book is a catalogue for a solo exhibition that was cancelled. The images come from work scheduled to be exhibited at a gallery in Amersterdam's red-light district. Armstrong's intent was to provide the viewer with an experience of the show and a feel for its location, thus the inclusion of subtle pornographic images printed in red strips, eventually revealing the gallery's street address. Found images, photographs, and photo-collages – often layered – work together, drawing the viewer into a kind of dark journey. The experience differs each time this journey is undertaken. The cover – a collage of pulp, rust, and film – gives the book the feeling of a relic or historical document. Even though the exhibition was never held, the informative essay by Cassandra Langer provides documentation of each piece as well as this general statement:

At first glance, it would appear that Sara Garden Armstrong's art is mechanized and highly technical – a product of industry not nature. However, upon more careful consideration, one realizes that the work is quite organic, relying heavily upon intuition and metaphysical ecology. These works reflect an admixture of experiences that run the gamut from the ominous, fantastic, nostalgic and pleasurable, to the sexually provocative.


Messages from Home book
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Fragile Connections (1993)
By Sara Garden Armstrong
New York: Sara Garden Armstrong, 1992. Edition of 200.

11" x 4.5" (27.94 x 11.43 cm); 40 unnumbered pages including free end pages. Ten sheets of UV paper folded to twenty pages. Photocopy on acetate. Photos by: George Kondogianis, Krasner/Trebitz, Sara Garden Armstrong. Bound in transparency film over metallic lightweight board and stapled with film plastic wrapper. Numbered.

Jon Coffelt, "Sara Garden Armstrong Threads and Layers": "'Fragile Connections' comprises an edition of two hundred, printed in black and red on transparent film and paper using a copy machine. As the translucent pages are turned, images are superimposed, which creates a dialogue between words and images. In this work, Armstrong's themes – breathing, the organic, the artificial, the body, landscape – are viewed as concrete poetry through her placement of words on the page.

"The centerfold contains HMSL computer text printed in red – the digital score for 'Airplayer X' – combined with an image of Canadian boxwood trees covered with canvas, which appears eerily similar to the sculptured forms found in the 'Airplayer' series. The book makes an enigmatic statement about our collective past and future, suspending us in the present."

Fragile Connections 1993
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