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Amberwood Press ~ New York
(Nava Atlas)
My Mother’s Stories 2022

Alice Austin ~ Pennsylvania
COVID year 2021 (Last 3 copies)

Bionic Hearing Press ~ Ohio
(Aimee Lee)
Golden Memory 2022

Contoura Press ~ Alabama
(Katharine Buckley)
Why the South Demands Corrected Textbooks 2022

Crooked Letter Press ~ Florida
(Ellen Knudson)
Safety is not promised 2018 (Last 2 copies)

Shannon Davis ~ Georgia
Controlled Burn 2022

Inky Press Productions ~ Illinois
(Bea Nettles)
The Skirted Garden 1990 (Last 2 copies)
Seasonal Turns 1995

Cheri Marks ~ Florida
(Blue Section Press)
Floral and Break 2018 (Last 2 copies)

Louise Neaderland ~ New York
Information Please 2013 (Last 2 copies)
Trump Circus 2017 (Last 2 copies)

Bea Nettles ~ Illinois
Hawk Dove 2013
Stonecipher 2011 (Last 3 copies)
Forty Forevers 2017 (Last Copy)

Red Ozier Press ~ Alabama
(Steve Miller)
The Red Ozier 1993

Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder ~ Texas
(Coyote Bones Press)
Hidden Spectacle 2022

Jillian Sico ~ Alabama
(Frogsong Press)
Mycorrhizae 2020 (Last 2 copies)

Strong Silent Type Press ~ New Mexico
(Fred Hagstrom)
January 6 2021 (Last 3 copies)
Fire Flood Drought 2022

Stephanie Wolff ~ Vermont
FL 2015 (Last 3 copies)

Women’s Studio Workshop ~ New York
Dress Code Strictly Enforced 2018
The Veil is Seen Only When It is Lifted 2018
What’s Left 2018
Whereas, We Declare 2018

FL book
by Stephanie Wolff

Why the south Demands Corrected Textbooks
Why the South Demands Corrected Textbooks
by Contoura Press

Golden Memory book
Golden Memory
by Bionic Hearing Press

COVID year book
COVID year 2021 (Last 3 copies)
by Alice Austin

Fire Flood Drought book
Fire Flood Drought
by Strong Silent Press

The Veil is Seen Only When It is Lifted book
The Veil is Seen Only When It is Lifted
by Women’s Studio Workshop


Page last update: 09.24.2022

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