Aliquando Press- Canada
(Will Rueter)
The Light-house
Steale Not Thys Book
A Visual Harmonic

Blue Bluer Books – North Carolina
(Josh Hockensmith)

Stitching Speechless
Vocabulary Guide

Byopia Press – Canada
(Cathryn Miller)
Starry Night (Last 3 copies)

Cabbagehead Press – Arizona
(John Risseeuw)
One Night (Last Copy)

Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press – North Carolina
(Terry Schupbach-Gordon)
Winter into Spring

Ch'an Press – Washington DC
(Irene Chan)

Asian American project
BLM Necklace Book
The Book of the World
Fall, Spin, and Turn

Citron Press- Wisconsin
(Stephanie Copoulos-Selle)

Coracle Press – Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erika Van Horn)

Descriptions of Literature
News in Haiku II
Play Book
Roger Ackling's Furniture
a slender horizon of light

Crooked Letter Press – Florida
(Ellen Knudson)

Safety is Not Promised

Fernwerks – Minnesota
(Wendy Fernstrum)

O Drop

John Hastings – Washington
The Artist Book Poems
Blank Book
The End of Summer (Last Copy)
A Farewell to Arms
Sailing Past Panama (Sold)

Heavy Duty Press – Wisconsin
(Wendy Fernstrum)
Is Our Children Learning?

JUSTARIP – New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)

An Apple a Day
Dream of Futures
A Unique Pear
Zines: Women of NASA

Ann Lovett – Oregon
Sight Unseen

Christopher Kit Maddox – Minnesota
America, Alien Nation

May Day Press – Washington
(Catherine Michaelis)
Invocation to the Water Spirits

Clifton Meador – North Carolina
Illuminate & Isolated
Miller Farmstead
Victory / Defeat

Louise Neaderland – New York
Distress Signals
A Mideast Kaleidoscope
Original Copies
Sadat's Journey
Shock and Awe

Bea Nettles – Illinois
60 Old Trees
Family Resemblance
R Suntop's Sunspots
Wood Type

Papyrus Productions – New York
(Francois Deschamps)

Les Voyages au Mali 2010-11
Reading Guillevic
Taxi Bamako

Quite Contrary – California
(Mary Marsh)


Camden Richards – California

Spaceheater Editions – Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)
Landscapes of the Late Anthropocene
Swamp Monsters

Tyler Starr – North Carolina
Attempted Fix: Dams Bases …
Auto Record: Green Kill
"implementatlist" Papers
Rollo Wants