The Saint of Future Dreams
The Saint of Future Dreams

By Maryann Riker
Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Maryann Riker, 2022. One-of-a-Kind.

6.75" h x 4 .25" w x .25" d. Materials: Binders board, Cabinet card, metal, acetate, paper. In organza bag with ribbon closure. Signed by the artist.

Maryann Riker: "’The Saint of Future Dreams’ is an embroidered Cabinet card of an infant at the turn of the century whose posture and expression is ready for any future endeavors. Embroidered as a saint, this cabinet book as an artist book details a brief history of childhood and play!"

Here in the 21st Century we have playgrounds and kindergartens, daycare and summer camps. This was not always the case for children. It wasn’t until the 17th century that society began to think of children as needing protection and training.