Swamp Monsters book
Swamp Monsters

By Philip Zimmermann
Los Angeles /Tucson, Arizona: Ice Plant / Spaceheater Editions, 2020. Edition of 666.

14.5 x 10"; 56 pages. Printed on newsprint paper. Full color in an unbound tabloid newspaper format. Photographs by Phil Zimmermann. Edit and design by Mike Slack.

Phil Zimmermann, blog 09.30.20: "The year 2020 has been quite an earthquake for all of us living on this stressed-out planet. Aside from the terrible COVID-19 pandemic, we have been in the middle of the most unusual and stressful election cycle for president that this country has ever seen. This is thanks to the amoral, narcissistic, criminal conman who inhabits the White House.

"In order to try to attempt to fight against his reëlection campaign and the morally bankrupt Republican Party, I decided to try to do something that would use their own 2020 Republican National Convention against these forces of evil and anti-democracy.

"Here is the result: The Ice Plant (Los Angeles) and Spaceheater Editions (Tucson) announced the co-publication of 'Swamp Monsters' on September 21, 2020, just three and a half weeks after these photographs from the 2020 Republican National Convention were taken.

"'Swamp Monsters' is a limited newsprint edition of 666 copies and commemorates that historically frightful 2020 Republican National Convention (August 24-27, 2020) with a series of photographs made by me (Philip Zimmermann) as the spectacle unfolded on the television screen. This rogue's gallery of hideous video portraits was printed in Paris, France by printnewspaper.com in full color in an unbound tabloid newspaper format."