Les Voyages au Mali 2010-11
Les Voyages au Mali 2010-11
A Book of Books Comprising Several Simple Stories

ByFrancois Deschamps
New Paltz, New York: Francois Deschamps, 2013. Edition not stated.

8.25 x 10.75"; 98 pages. Perfect bound. Glossy covers.

Eight chapters documenting Deschamps' time in Mali photographing and teaching. The first chapter is a brief summary of the artist's Photo-Rapide project where he offers to give his subject a photographic portrait printed on the spot with a small digital printer. The other seven chapters are specific to subjects: the children of Mali, the Painter, the stamp maker, the photographer and brick maker, the streets of Bamako, the gift books, and the tailor - all documenting the people and life of Mali.