One Night book
One Night

By John Risseeuw
Tempe, Arizona: Cabbagehead Press, 1997. Edition of 40.

4 x 5.7" closed, one sheet book. Letterpress from wood type and large sans serif letters, mostly caps, in varying point sizes. Double-sided accordion. Pamphlet stitched in grey printed covers. Can be drawn out flat to create two long, landscape pages. Signed by the artist.

Pure typographic storytelling. Collaged and overprinted words and letters function as both text and illustration.

This explosion of sound-words - large OOOs, guttural expressions (awrr), and ambient noises (szs) - suggests setting and story, as the title fragment suggests that familiar and foreboding first line, "It happened one..." Imagination draws up things that go bump and shuffling sounds and creatures outside; or, perhaps nothing of the kind is meant. Open to broad interpretation.