Family Resemblance book
Family Resemblance:
50 Years of Florida Family Portraits

By Bea Nettles
Urbana, Illinois: Bea Nettles, 2007. Edition of 10.

5.5 x 7.5"; 57 pages. Codex grey-green cloth bound, grey end sheets. Signed inside front. Over 75 family photos, predominately black-and-white. Includes index of photos with dates and locations.

Bea Nettles: "My Grandmother Noble gave me my first camera when I was ten years old. She didn't purchase it, but had received it as a bonus of some sort. It was red plastic and took wide roll film. This was in 1956, so 2006 marks the fiftieth year that I have been making portraits of my family in Florida. Photography today is so easy and cheap that it is ubiquitous. Huge quantities of pictures are created, looked at, then deleted. In the fifties, film was expensive and I can remember planning and taking almost every shot. I still have all the negatives."