Steals Not Thys Book
Steale Not Thys Book

A Compendium of steale not warnings & invectives
Against those who would purloin desecrate or injure books
[Dundas], Ontario, Canada: The Aliquando Press, 2020. Edition of 40.

3.75 x 4.5"; 32 pages plus green paper free end page and pastedowns. Letterpress printed in a variety of fonts and colors. Bound in marble paper covered boards with paper title label on spine.

William Rueter, colophon: "Most of these curses are anonymous and come from medieval manuscripts and folk rhymes. Forty copies of this cautionary book were produced by William Rueter at The Aliquando Press in April 2020 to honour the librarians, collectors, and book lovers who respect and cherish the physical book."

"This book is one thing. God's curse is another. They that take the one, God give them the other." "A curse upon the person who steals this book, and a blessing upon he who keeps it safe. If anyone cuts or removes a page, may he be cursed."