Binding Analysis book
Binding Analysis: Double Bind
y Heather Weston
London, England: Heather Weston. Unlimited, signed and numbered edition.

15 cm x 14 cm x 2.5 cm. Double spiral bound at right and left edges. Pages split down the center. Bound in cloth wrapper. Padded rigid back panel.

Heather Weston employs structure to say something about the experience of schizophrenia that text alone could not. The book is double spiral bound at right and left edges with the pages splitting down the center. Four separate narratives—one pictoral, two textual, one structural — unravel concurrently, and the reader must come to an understanding of and solve the riddle contained within the structure. Thus, the book refers directly to the process of psychoanalysis as a tool for understanding the book's story. A hidden narrative can only be pieced together when eight pairs of object images, which the binding naturally splits, are reunited and the pages flipped inside out—a reference to the necessity of an external person, the analyst/detective, who can take an active interest in the content.