Los Recuerdos de Adelita book
Los Recuerdos de Adelita

By Eleonora Gomez Bas
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Eleonora Gomez Bas, ca 1994. One-of-a-Kind.

7.6” x 7” x 0.5”. Hardcover binding (faux leather spine and paper covers). Handwritten in ink with hand drawn illustrations in ink and watercolor. Text in Spanish with English translation at end.

Eleonora Gomez Bas: "“I created this illustrated storybook when I was around 19, during a summer that I spent in Buenos Aires, visiting my grandmother. It's an autobiographical tale of a young girl named Adelita who, like myself, left her country as a child to live abroad. I think I had learned how to make this simple binding structure in a workshop during my first year in college, and the materials I used were scraps that I found around grandma's house (the nice watercolor paper I had brought with me).”