Uncovering White Privilege book
Uncovering White Privilege
A Primer

Text by Rachel K. Laser
Design and production by Camden M. Richards
Kensington, California: Liminal Press, 2019. Edition of 50.

45 pages; 25 cm. Includes black graphite pencil. Title on pencil and back cover "White privilege: if you can't see it you've got it." Set in Cast Iron, Flood, Magallanes Condensed and Nexa Rust Slab + Sans typefaces. Text block printed digitally by Coast Litho on Mohawk Strathmore Premium Wove paper and Apollo Transparency Film with hand set inclusions. Cover die-cut and letterpress printed by Richards on Neenah Environment cover stock with a Vandercook 4 proofing press. Illustrations printed from scans of original linocut carvings by McAleer-Keeler. Saddle stitched. Stretch band closure with pencil attached.

Liminal Press: "Uncovering White Privilege: A Primer is a collaborative book which seeks to help readers uncover white privilege and understand how to challenge it. Text by Rachel Laser; lawyer, advocate and strategist who has dedicated her career to making our country more inclusive. Design and production by Camden M. Richards; book artist and graphic designer. Illustrations by Kerry McAleer-Keeler; book artist, printmaker and Associate Professor for George Washington University."

Table of contents:
        Ground rules - for reading this book
        Jumping in - a warm up exercise
        White privilege -what is it, exactly?
        Yes you can have white privilege - even if you do not have
  socioeconomic privilege
        White privilege is real - and it is also another side of racism
        Challenging privilege and racism - see it, acknowledge it,
   change it Works cited.

Ground Rules for Reading this book:
            Stay Open to what you are reading
                    it may stir up a lot of emotions, but stay curious
            Try to understand how and why other people feel the way they
              do-do this even if you are feeling defensive or can think of
          Do not feel attacked
                    understand that the motivation behind this book is to
                    help open our eyes to what we do no ordinarily see so
                    that we can then be part of the solution
          Be okay with feeling uncomfortable it's a normal reaction and
            worth asking yourself why

A custom pencil is provided which is "perfect for making copious notes about how you will utilize your privilege to create change."
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