Passing Continued book
Passing Continued

By Beata Wehr
Tucson, Arizona: Beata Wehr, 2001. Edition of 20.

5.25 x 8”; 10 pages. Accordion structure. Based on the original mixed media one-of-a-kind created in 2000.

A black cloth band, wrapped from front to back cover and stitched in place, recalls an armband worn for mourning. In the center of the frayed cloth, secured with large stitches, is a rusted artifact. The accordion pages that follow are a photographic continuation of the cover, as the image of the black band and various found and rusted objects runs through the entire horizontal center of the book. The objects are fragments—miscellaneous, disembodied machine parts, nails, thumbtacks, etc.—that have outlived their use. The interior pages also feature a recurring black-and-white photographic cutout of a woman (Wehr), face turned, smiling toward the camera as she steps forward like a mantra. The images are divided unevenly—torso and head above; torso, legs and feet below. This collaged visual text suggests the path of life and what is lost or rendered obsolete along the way; that which we mourn in its passing; the unchanging self that continues on in spite of inevitable loss. Inkjet printed, carousel accordion. Each cover features a different found object. Subtle and powerful.
$105 (Last two copies)